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My hair color

Beware my hair is not styled and I hardly have makeup on b/c I'm at work 😭
Ye I wish I knew about putting coconut oil on it allll that time I've been bleaching my hair!! 😭 it kept it from damaging it NEARLY as much!!! Although I only let it set in for 2 hours before I threw bleach on top of it 😆 next time when I go silver Ima have to let it set in overnight. 😍
Lmao TY @hairconfetti also, yes that's fine. 😁😆
@Deluzional What you did all the color within a week. I just posted a card of how my sister tried several color within two months. And that's a neat trick to protect it with coconut oil before bleaching. Anyways, I think this is beautiful! I love the pastel color! =)
Yes I dyed it myself at 1st I had it a blue was supposed to be pastel from feria but on my dyed blonde hair it was darker lol. and I stripped it with baking soda, dawn dish soap, and shampoo mixture and it was gray ish. Then I did a blue crush splat color (the color of my profile pic) w/o the bleach. Then later I bleached it out with the splat bleach. After that it was miny, but I just refreshed my color with a manic panic teal color mixed with a white conditioner. I'll have to post the exact color when I get home ( still at work)
Did you dye it yourself?! When I did my tiny piece of mint I used manic panic reeeally diluted :)