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My hair color
Beware my hair is not styled and I hardly have makeup on b/c I'm at work 馃槶
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Ye I wish I knew about putting coconut oil on it allll that time I've been bleaching my hair!! 馃槶 it kept it from damaging it NEARLY as much!!! Although I only let it set in for 2 hours before I threw bleach on top of it 馃槅 next time when I go silver Ima have to let it set in overnight. 馃槏
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@Deluzional Well, at least you know now! When you go silver don't forget to share the picture. I'd love to see how it turns out =)
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Lol and I also just re-read your description. Your complexion is like porcelain even with little makeup! What makeup do you use?
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Just BB cream and a powder 馃構 I norm have some (my version) k pop liner on hehe so my eyes feel naked!!! 馃槺
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Ok just got home 馃槅 the color I used last was manic panic siren's song.
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