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Twenty-First Group: History
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Members: (5)
Let's play a game, check out the members below and then try to put name's to faces while watching the video! Comment below if you can figure out at least one member's name by the end of one of the videos! (Comment the name of the member, which video you watched, and the time in which they appear in the video.
Name: Song Kyung Il
Stage Name: Kyungil
He is the Leader, a rapper, and a vocalist.
He was born in 1987.
Fun Fact: He is 6ft tall.
Name: Na Do Kyun
Stage Name: Dokyun
He is the main vocalist.
He was born in 1991.
Fun Fact: He is also 6ft tall.
Name: Kim Si Hyeong
Stage Name: Sihyeong
He is a rapper.
He was born in 1992.
Name: Kim Jae Ho
Stage Name: Jaeho
He is a rapper and vocalist.
He was born in 1992.
Name: Jang Yi Jeong
Stage Name: Yijeong
He is the Maknae and a main vocalist.
He was born in 1993.
Fun Fact: He is known to be similar in appearance to Teen Top's Niel.
Do you know this group?
Now some may say History isn't underrated but they so are! They deserve more than just One Million views on some of their videos.
Should we continue to do the game mentioned above? Yes or No?
If you'd like to be tagged in this card let me know in the comments!
Also we take suggestions! If you think a group is underrated let us know and we will add it to the list!
And we want to make this card more enjoyable for you! Are there any things/information we should add to the cards? For example is there anything you'd like to know about the groups/soloist's that we don't already provide? More pictures? More videos? Please let me know in the comments and @jiggzy19 and I will accommodate!
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@ChaErica and right!!! they are all beautiful but something about Yijeong kills me I'm pretty sure it's the dancing for this song but he's too much jaeho too
@ChaErica yeah same for me ...I didn't want to let another group ruin my life.. yet here I am
I love this group!!! I recently got into them after this comeback....I've been trapped ever since I've watched queen an unhealthy amount of times 😂😂😂
@ChaErica it's the dance!! I'm telling you ...compared to the other members when he does the dance...he just has this effortless sexiness and idk man but it's too much
@LocoForJiyong Omg there's something about Yijeong that gets me too!!!
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