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Heh this is for the lovely @kpopandkimchi as she wants to dye her hair and just needs a bit of 'inspiration'! Now its been like three days that I have dyed my hair....and it didn't go the color I wanted but I kept it. So I cut my hair again....and decided to dye my hair lavender and my mom agreed since it wasn't much hair anyways. It was cool first we had to bleach my black hair to a kind of not so blonde kind of brown (which hurt like hell....I understand our precious idols) and then we put the purple. It was an epic fail....when you dye your hair obviously you will have some residue as it washes away but.....I think it took ALL of the dye and ended up this kind of pinkish purple on the ends and like a light pink umm orange kind of color. .....Yeah but it looks nice (even though my goal is to have purple hair) it kind of has an ombre effect to it....a bit. Although it does look much better when under the sunlight! But here it is and excuse my face......
@parktaemi thank you!
I love your hair it's cute!
It's cute!
I like it! It looks good
@ARMYStarlight For dark hair the color might have to sit longer because your hair is going through more pigment rings. The pre-treated hair, bleach color and dye also plays a big part in the results you see. Never rinse your hair with hot water after dying though. Run it in either lukewarm or cool water so the color could set and last longer.
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