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Is it leg day? No? Well.....I found a lot of pictures of BTS' legs on my phone and mhmm, I just needed to share, yknow? Can't keep this information all to myself. (Even tho they're sitting down you can still tell they got dem legs)
The pictures are in no particular order, I just wanted to show how great their legs are
Tummy Jiminie
Hobi dancing counts, right? I mean, you dance with your legs don't you? The true definition of a bias wrecker. Sure jimins hot but hobi? Dayum.
Psh, Namjoonies hot in everything isn't he? Tiger print, lol. With a bit of predebut RM. And good old tired Suga.
So I sort of, kinda may of or may have ran out of room ( <<<<<<< part TWO, cuz I have no idea how to fix the link so you don't gotta see the .net and such.) I have A LOT of pictures of BTS (over 2000), so I'm gonna dedicate a day each week for whatever the pictures imply. Like yoonjin day, namjin day, red day or leg day ^^^^ Please tell me if you want to be tagged for the days.
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Omg Jhope been a bias wrecker with those legs!!
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