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Akatsuki no Yona Manga chapter 122 *spoilers*
Alright, can we all just agree that Hak is absolutely just effing adorable. Like bruh huhhhhhhhhhh lol Yona is lucky to be around such amazing people all the time. Although the situations she's always put in is kind of unfortunate. Okay really unfortunate.
Okay so I was re-reading this chapter again for the 6th time and as I was reading I noticed how freaking much Zeno and Soo-won look alike. Lol maybe Zeno is his father instead of Yoo-Hong. Considering Zeno is literally 2,000 years old, why not? Maybe really really distant cousins.
And look Zeno got a hug too. It kind of made me sad though how he hugged Both Jeaha and Zeno but didn't hug Yona.
Jeaha could tell she wanted one!!! Haha
Hopefully he gives her one!
I'm just happy things are going okayyy right now.
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