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Is Timmy coming back to San Francisco, where he belongs?

We've been hearing a lot about his so-called "showcase" that he was supposed to have a few months back. But after the season started, we heard nothing about Timmy...

until today.

Lincecum was spotted pitching on one of the Giants fields in Arizona!

Is he finally ready to put on that showcase that he promised awhile back? I think so. And do we need a solid bullpen pitcher? I think so.

Let's bring back Timmy.

I honestly cannot imagine him in a uniform other than black and orange. And I certainly do not want to see him end his career like this.

What do my fellow Giants fans think?

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@davidgom @duckthefodgers you think losing Machi was a stupid move? we should have kept every one we had before pursuing the shark. i think we should have fought harded to keep the pitcher we got from the reds last year that went to the cubs. at least he could hit. im not sold on peavey too many mistakes in close games.
I have my doubts about Lincecum as well. He might be great for fan support and all, but if he's just going to take a spot in the roster, then it's not worth it
@CeezonKing I see your point but I still think getting Samardzija was a good move for theGiants
@DavidGom Yeah. It's only early in the season. Once he gets into his rhythm , he's going to be a huge addition to the team