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*A couple hours have passed and Zakku, Enju, and Chitoge are walking down a busy downtown Tokyo District, Zakku feels like people are staring directly at them and it's making the hair on the back of his neck stand up and he begins to feel nervous, Chitoge asks* Are you feeling alright Zakku?*Zakku laughs nervously and replies* Heh heh yea it just feels like people are staring at us and I don't really know why.* Chitoge looks at Enju, smiles and replies* Maybe it's because we look like a cute little family. That would be my guess.*Zakku's mind* Family, huh? I wonder what type of mother Chitoge would be to Enju. Enju Seems to be enjoying her time with her.**Amidst all the hustle and bustle Enju's stomach growls, Chitoge and Zakku look at Enju, Chitoge asks* Are you hungry Enju-chan?*Enju looks at Zakku and Chitoge and Yells happily* YEEEEAAAAH!!!!!*Zakku asks* What'll it be today, Kiddo?*Enju looks over and Spots a Ramen Shop, Her eyes are now filled with stars* I want RAMEN!!!* Chitoge smiles and looks Zakku* You heard her Zakku! Let's go get some Ramen!!*Enju grabs Chitoge's and begins to pull her excitedly, Chitoge smiles* She really is a little ball of energy, and Zakku is smiling alot more than he has. I'm happy that he's almost back to his normal self again. His Father, the Admiral's death almost made him forfeit his life and I had to stop him because I don't know what I'd do without him by my side.*An Image of Zakku's smile back when he was a kid and Student appears, Her heart begins to race* What is this feeling right now?* Zakku taps Chitoge's shoulder and says* Hey are you still with us or are you out in your only little world again?* Chitoge notices and Blushes* Huh? I... I... Ummm... Yea... I'm still here... Hahaha!*Zakku smiles and replies* Look Enju found some seats for us, let's go!*Chitoge looks at Zakku, her heart begins to race and replies nervously* Right.... uhh... let's go!* Zakku laughs nervously and extends his hand* L-Ladies First!* Chitoge's mind* What's he so nervous about? He's not normally like this around me. Could he?... No that's not possible, but He really is an awesome guy. He's sweet, a genius, handsome, a gentleman and he seems to be a very devoted father. He's way out of my league!* Enju calls out with a smile on her face* Over here Papa! Ms. Chitoge sit over here by me!*Zakku smiles* Looks like somebody has taken a liking to you! That's not surprising, Everyone in school took a liking to you quickly, unlike me.* Chitoge looks at Zakku and says* Hey now that isn't true and you know, I've always had a cru...*Chitoge quickly covers her mouth* Zakku has a confused look on his face* You always had a what?*Chitoge's is yelling at herself in her mind* Crap I almost blew it! What are you thinking Chitoge!?! You can't tell him that yet!* Zakku looks up as 4 bowls of Ramen arrive at their table* Alright Foods here! Let's Dig In!!!
*When They finished their Ramen, Zakku's phone is ringing non-stop, He doesn't know that there is breaking news about 3 Rhino Gastrea Running wild on the West side of the City**The three exit the Ramen Shop, Zakku asks* Where do you two want to go next?* Enju looks over and sees an Arcade* Let's go over there next, it looks fun!*Zakku looks at Chitoge* It's been awhile since we been to the arcade, let's go have some fun!*Chitoge looks at Zakku and smiles* When he Smiles I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me feel safe. I wonder what he would say if I told him how I felt about him.* Zakku and Chitoge walk into the Arcade and see Enju with her eyes fixated on a claw machine, Chitoge asks* Whatcha looking at? Oh what a cute little stuffed Rabbit! Want me to win it for you? I'm good at claw games!* Enju's eyes widen* Really you can get win it for me!* Chitoge smiles and replies* Of course, anything for the sweetest little girl in the world!*Zakku smiles looks at Enju and Chitoge* Look at these two, it's like those two are wrapped around each others fingers, this is pretty adorable to watch* Chitoge looks at Zakku who seems to be enjoying their little moment a bit too much* What's with those wandering eyes, perv?* Zakku replies a bit fearful and starts to flail his arms* Huh I wasn't staring at you in that way honest, I was just letting you enjoy your moment and I thought it was adorable!* Chitoge blushes, her heart begins to race* He thought it was adorable?!? Does that mean He finds me... cute also?* Chitoge goes back to the claw machine and attempts to win the little stuffed Rabbit for Enju* After 20 attempts Chitoge gives up, she's sad that she couldn't win the Rabbit for Enju, She turns away with a sad look in her eyes* Zakku looks at Chitoge and Enju, They both have a sad look in their eyes, Zakku gives into the MOENESS* How about I give it a whirl, it's been so long since I've done this.* Zakku inserts a Yen into the machine and moves the claw diligently over the Stuffed Rabbit and grabs the Rabbit and * Enju and Chitoge together Smiling* He Got it!* Zakku smiles and gets down on one knee and gives the Rabbit to Enju, She smiles and hugs her Papa* Zakku looks up at Chitoge and says* We did it! It's all thanks to you Chitoge-chan!* Enju walks up to Chitoge and hugs her*Thank you for winning the Rabbit for me, Ms. Chitoge *Chitoge smiles and hugs her gently* Zakku, Enju really is the sweetest little girl ever. You will become a great father, I just know it.* Chitoge looks over and sees a photo booth* Hey.. Zakku look over there... can we do that next? *Zakku looks at the photo booth and now starts to get nervous* Uhhhhh Sure i-if you want!* Enju looking at Both her Papa and Chitoge as if she's studying their behavior as they walk towards the Photo booth* I think Papa and Ms. Chitoge like each other, maybe my wish will come true tonight!* Enju smiles and says* Hey Papa, I think you and Ms. Chitoge should take a few pictures together!* Zakku and Chitoge both blush and start to get nervous, Chitoge is Beet red* Y-you want us to take pictures together!*Enju walks into the booth and finds exactly what she's looking for, She smiles* Papa I'm doing this for you, I like Ms. Chitoge as much as you do and I think she really likes you too!* She presses the Heart setting and chooses the cutest poses she could find* Zakku and Chitoge are both waiting outside nervously, Zakku's mind* What are you up to Enju-chan?* Enju pokes her head out from behind the curtain* I'm done! Come see what I picked!* Zakku and Chitoge walk into the booth and are now both Beet red, Zakku heart is beating out of his chest* What... are you up to Enju-chan?*Chitoge is standing there motionless with a shocked look on her face* Enju-chan didn't find out did she? OK Stay Calm Chitoge, It's what would want after all, time alone with the person you like!* Zakku's mind* Alright dude calm down! Don't freak out! This is what you this is your chance to hold her in your arms! Alright You got this!!* As soon as they get ready to take their first picture the Gastrea sirens begin blaring, Zakku is alerted* Dammit of all times! Why does it have to be now?!?
*Zakku exits the photo booth with Chitoge and notice Enju looking at the TV, She's Trembling in fear, Zakku pulls out his phone and it starts to ring, He answers* What the hell is going on Commander?* A Loud pissed off voice begins yelling* IF YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE NEWS YOU WOULD KNOW THAT THREE RHINO GASTREA, 2 STAGE 3s AND AN STAGE 4 ALPHA HAVE ESCAPED AND DESTROYED OUR UNDERGROUND RESEARCH FACILITY ON THE WEST SIDE AND HAVE BEEN TRACKED TO THE CENTER OF THE DOWNTOWN TOKYO DISTRICT!!* Zakku responds* Where there any casualties in the Underground Facility?* The Commander responds* NO CASUALTIES WERE REPORTED WITHIN THE FACILITIES AND THE PEOPLE ON THE WEST SIDE MADE IT TO THEIR SHELTERS BEFORE THE ATTACKS STARTED, BUT 60% OF THE WEST SIDE HAS BE LEVELED. WE'VE LOCATED THE 2 STAGE 3s, BUT THEN WE LOST THE LOCATION OF THE ALPHA!* Zakku Responds* Which team do we have on the ground as we speak, Commander?* The Commander takes a breath and tries to calm down* WE HAVE THE FIRST BRIGADE DOWN THERE TRYING TO HOLD THE TWO RHINOS OFF IN THE PARK!* Zakku Flashes his conceited smile* COMMANDER PLEASE TELL THEM TO STAND DOWN WHEN I GET THERE! I'M IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA AS WE SPEAK AND I WILL BE THERE IN THREE MINUTES! HAVE THEM HOLD THE TWO RHINOS OFF UNTIL I RENDEZVOUS AT CENTRAL PARK, I HAVE A PLAN! I'LL BE THERE RIGHT AWAY* The Commander responds* GODSPEED LIEUTENANT JĒMEZU! COMMANDER TAKAHASHI OUT!*Zakku turns Enju and Chitoge* There are two Gastrea Running wild in the Park as we speak, The Alpha of the Pack Has also vanished from the Radar system, but it can't be too far behind the other two Beasts* Zakku looks at Chitoge* Chitoge I need to take care of Enju for right now. Can you do that for me?*Chitoge replies* Leave it me!!* Zakku looks at Enju* Enju if you two are in trouble I'm going to give you this* Zakku hands Enju a small cube device and a high frequency whistle, Zakku says* This cube is called a Pocket Protection Barrier. This will protect you two from That Big Gastrea if you two get trapped by that Alpha and the whistle sends out a high pitched sound that only I can hear, If the barrier breaks or you get scare, blow it and I'll come running back to save you two* Enju smiles and replies* OK Papa* Zakku begins to exit the building, Chitoge calls out* Please Be Careful! And Come back in one piece!*Zakku smiles and replies* I promise I'll be back soon!* Zakku Bolts the street for Central Park hopping on tops of cars, Chitoge Watches* You better come back I have a confession to make.* Enju looks at Chitoge* Ms. Chitoge? I have a question.*Chitoge looks at Enju* What is your question Enju-chan?* Enju replies* Do you Like My Papa?* Chitoge smiles* I can't answer that question just yet, we have to wait for your Papa to get back then you'll know the my answer to your question.* Enju's nods and stands by Chitoge, Enju's mind* Papa really loves you Ms. Chitoge.
*Meanwhile On top of a building Levi stands watch and sees a Red streak speeding towards the Battlefield* Hmmm let's see what trials await you My Magic King, I expect it to be quite a fierce battle! Are you willing to put your life on the line to protect the ones you love? I know you would. War is coming soon my King a War you cannot win unless you unlock your true potential.* Levi watches on as Zakku makes it to the Battlefield* Zakku appears in front of the Lieutenant of the first brigade, He Smiles and says* How ya been Tokogawa? It's been a while since we've been on the same Battlefield!* Lieutenant Tokogawa responds* So they sent the strongest and smartest person they had in the area, huh? Alright my Guys are all yours!*Zakku flashes a conceited smile*Alright Men I've already come up with a plan to take these 2 Stage 3s Down, if you follow my plan exactly how I drew it out, Your Survival chances will increase by 30%*Zakku reaches into his Inside pocket of his suit and Pulls out 5 pocket barriers, and He tosses it out to 4 people, and the last one to Lieutenant Tokogawa included* I need the 5 of you to Place a Protection Barrier on each of the 5 sides of this park, and activate it on my mark when I draw them into the Area. Once I give the order to activate the barrier you guys let me handle the rest, NOW LET THE PENTAGON PLAN BEGIN!!!* The Two Rhinos Roar as Zakku Bolts into battle* I'll be back soon Chitoge, and when I get back I'm going to tell you how I really feel...
*Zakku Engages the Two Rhinos, Who both begins to Charge towards Zakku, He dodges their Charging attack elusively* Strike One!* The Rhinos circle back around, Zakku flips backwards and activates his Eye and scans for both Rhinos weakpoints, Zakku's mind* If I'm correct these beasts would have the same weak points as regular Rhinos, like the head and right the in the heart located near the shoulder of the beast* Zakku's scanners indicate the weak points, and Zakku starts to laugh* Bingo, Hahaha! Come bring it back over here* Both Rhinos Charge again and Zakku stops them with both hands* Is that you got? Not so tough now, are ya!?!* Zakku unleashes his BERSERKER MODE and his body begins to Glow Crimson, Zakku grabs one of the Rhinos and throws it into the air, Zakku jumps and appears above the Rhino and connects with spinning right elbow sending the first Rhino careening down to his Trap, Zakku flips gently back down in front of the Second Rhino, Zakku tries to draw his pistol and realizes that he left it on his dresser* That's just great! Well at least I didn't forget about this* As soon as the Rhino appears directly in front of Zakku, He draws his Varanium knife, blocks the attack and quickly slices off one of the Rhinos front legs* So you do feel pain!*Zakku turns around with a Psychotic grin on his face, LT Tokogawa senses something bad is about to happen, He Yells out* EVERYONE ACTIVATE THE BARRIER!!! ZAKKU IS ABOUT TO FINISH OFF THESE HE'S ABOUT TO FINISH THESE BEASTS OFF* LT Tokogawa's mind* So this is why you gave me one of these things, You knew that you would turn into a Psychopath when you go into that BERSERKER MODE of yours, but there is something oddly different about that Mode right now, Just what turns you into such a Ruthless destroyer?*Levi begins to sense a small amount of Magic Power Emanating from Zakku's BERSERKER MODE* He's beginning to tap into his Magic Abilities with out noticing it for himself, How very interesting. It won't be long until we meet you for the second time and for you the first time*Levi Smiles and Vanishes* Zakku Charges into the Barrier at the Injured Rhino and connects with a Shockwave Fist, A bloody explosion ensues, When the smoke clears in the barrier Zakku looks at the second Rhino flashes a conceited smile and says* This Last Attack will finish you!* Zakku flicks out a lever on his Right Arm and Pulls it to his elbow, Zakku dashes forward at the Rhino and Shouts* Crimson Demon Style: Shockwave Palm Strike* Zakku uses his other arm to block the oncoming slash attack from the Rhino and connects with the attack, causing the Rhino to explode from the inside out, Zakku is Exhausted from BERSERKER MODE, He begins to fall as LT Tokogawa holds him up* You alright kid? You looked like you lost yourself for a few minutes there!* Zakku looks at Tokogawa* Huh I thought I was using only 50% of my power? That must be the reason why I'm so exhausted. What happened during those few minutes?* LT Tokogawa replies* You looked like a completely different person when you destroyed the first Rhino, put it this way you went BatShit Crazy!* Zakku looks the remains of the Gastrea* I did that? Hey Tokogawa does that mean that I used all 100% my power at once to destroy just that one Rhino?* Tokogawa responds* It sure looks like it, but at least we eliminated these two, but we still can't pinpoint the location of the Alpha.* Zakku looks away* Dammit I'll keep my eyes out for it, but for right now I have some people I have to go meet back up with. I'll see you again for sure, Ryusuke* Zakku begins to make his way back to Enju and Chitoge, He Falls over a few times before he disappears from the 1st Brigades View* Zakku Wounds start to heal themselves without him noticing, His walking motion balances out, Images of Enju and Chitoge together fill his mind* I'm coming you two*
*Suddenly Zakku's scanners picks up on a Large Life reading and Also hears a High pitched whistle coming from the next block over, Zakku infrared Scanners pick up two heat signatures, It's Enju and Chitoge, They're trapped in an alley, Zakku locks on to their location and Dashes to Save his Daughter and Childhood Friend* Is the barrier deployed?* The Alpha Rhino is Slashing away at the Barrier with Chitoge and Enju huddle up in corner* Barrier is at 25% and dropping fast, Hang on I'm on my Way girls!! *Zakku Radios the Commander* Lieutenant Jēmezu reporting! I've pinpointed the location of the Stage 4 Alpha Rhino, Requesting air support in the Southernmost part of the Downtown District, Two people are trapped, My Daughter and Best Friend! SEND SUPPORT IMMEDIATELY!!!! OVER!* Commander Takahashi's voice comes in all distorted* I...Can't.... Any....enforcements...* Zakku hangs up* Dammit I'm on my own!!* Zakku continues to hop building after building* Please let the Barrier hold up until I get there* Chitoge is Shaking as she's holding Enju close, the Barrier is beginning to crack and break tears roll down her eyes* Zakku, I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promises* Enju cries out as the Barrier shatters* PAAAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!*A Huge Claw begins slash downward again, Chitoge Holds on to Enju and closes her eyes, A Shockwave occurs, glass Shatters, a cloud of dust swirls*
*Chitoge and Enju open their eyes, the Dust and smoke clears, a Figure with a glowing eye, a Crimson aura and glowing Varanium limbs, Chitoge realizes who it is, the figure says* Looks like I made it in time! Enju Chitoge, Are you alright?*Enju looks up and sees her Papa holding back the Alpha Rhino*Papa You're here!*Chitoge is speechless, her mind and heart begin to race* He came! He Really came!* Zakku Unleashes his BERSERKER MODE, His Eye begins to Glow* I WON'T LET YOU LAY A FINGER ON THEM!! IF YOU WANT TO GET TO THEM YOU HAVE TO GO THRU ME!* Zakku Sends the Alpha Rhino Flying thru a building with a spinning roundhouse kick, The Rhino Gets back up and let's out a spine-chilling Roar, Chitoge and Enju begin to tremble in fear* Zakku...*Enju* Papa...* Zakku Stands tall and begins to walk toward the Alpha Rhino* I Hope you're ready for your death.* The Rhino begins to Charge Head on towards Zakku, Zakku keeps walking** The Rhino Charges in, Zakku Holds out his hand and stops the Alpha dead in its tracks* It's useless to fight against me* Zakku grabs the Rhino by its tusks and performs a flip kick Sending the Beast Airborne and crashes down into the middle of the street* Zakku is staggering just a little bit* I'm almost at my Limit... Come on Body please Hold out on me!* Chitoge looks on as Zakku continues to fight, She notices He's on his last legs* Come on Zakku, I know you can win! You always keep your word* Enju looks on in awe of her Papa* You can do it Papa!!* The Beast Roars and Charges Forward, Zakku Draws his Varanium K-Bar And Bolts Head-on towards the Rhino* YOU'RE TIME IS UP! CRIMSON DEMON STYLE: SHOCKWAVE BLADE!!* Zakku dodges the oncoming slash attack from the Rhino and His Knife pierces the Flesh of the Beast, Zakku flashes that conceited smile and says* Time for the Finale!* Zakku Uses his Shockwave Palm Strike on the hilt of his blade and a Bloody explosion ensues, and Zakku is left Standing and Completely Exhausted, He Falls flat on His back, Chitoge and Enju Run over to see if he's alright, He's Unconscious and barely Breathing*
*Enju looks at her Papa and begins to cry* Papa...sob... Papa please get up... You have to get up* Chitoge kneels down next to Enju and hugs her* It's going to be alright Enju-chan, Your Papa just overworked himself* Chitoge grabs Enju's hand over to Zakku's chest and she feels His heartbeat* See he's going to be alright... He's going to be alright* Enju looks at Chitoge* Ms.Chitoge you're crying!* Chitoge looks down at Zakku's face and she sees her tears fall on His face* Enju-chan I have something to tell you, it's about your Papa and how I feel about him* Chitoge rests Zakku's head on her lap, She looks at Enju* I've always had my eye on your Papa ever since we were your age, He and I would always play together in the park and he would always Stand up for me whenever I was being bullied, Over time I always saw him as my best friend and we even became rivals at one point when it came to having the best grades in school,I was always beaten by him but I would always come in second behind him, it always made me want to work even harder for him to notice me. When His Adoptive Father, The Admiral died, He was so depressed that He went out during the funeral and I followed him without him knowing to a cliff with alot of sharp rocks below before I knew it I grabbed him and I pulled him back. After I grabbed him he dropped to his knees and started crying and Trembling, It was the first time I've ever seen him like that. After I calmed him down I made him a promise that I wasn't going to die. I wanted to tell him how I felt right then and there how much I was in love with him, but I was too scared that he would reject me. After He and I were found. Right now if I told him how much I was in love with him I'm not sure what how he would feel about it.*Zakku begins to stir and begins to wake up, Chitoge doesn't notice, but Enju notices, She grabs his hand and says* I loved him for as long as I can remember and I would like to know if he feels the same way about me as much as I have* Enju smiles and says* Don't worry Ms. Chitoge I think my Papa loves you just as much, Chitoge's eyes widen* You really think so?* Zakku opens his mouth and says in a Cheerful voice* Why don't you ask him? His answer might just surprise you.* Enju eyes widen and Chitoge looks down and sees a Cheerful smile on his face, Chitoge Blushes and becomes flustered* W-w-what!?! Y-you mean you were also in love with me too? How long have you felt that way* Zakku replies* Remember what you said earlier, about the time you saved me from throwing my life away. After you made that promise of that you wouldn't die. I've always saw you for who you were, You're were always the most beautiful person I knew. You always were Sweet, Funny, Caring, Kind-hearted, sometimes a little bit of a princess, but the most down to earth princess I've come to have know and fall for. I don't want you to leave my side ever! *Zakku smiles and grabs a flustered Chitoge's hand and leans in* You're so cute when you're flustered* Zakku leans in closer and kisses her, Chitoge kisses Him back and more tears fall from her eyes, Zakku hugs Chitoge tightly as a tear roll down his face, Zakku says* Come stay with us and let's be a family.* Chitoge wipes a tear from her glistening blues eyes, smiles and says* Yes! *Enju smiles and Hugs her Papa and her new Momma, She looks up above* My wish came true! Thank you Kami-Sama!* A couple Days later Chitoge moves in with Zakku and Enju and start their lives as a happy little family*
I Hope you guys enjoy Chapter 3 this took me a while to write! Whenever I was writing this is wanted to use Enju as a Catalyst to help create a love confession for both Zakku and Chitoge. Let me know how I did!:) Leave a Like or comment what your favorite part was in this Chapter! If you really Enjoyed this Chapter of the Bionic Magic King! or if you haven't checked out the first couple Chapter, You could find it in on my Page as my Fifth collection! It looks like the picture Below!! Do you Ship Zakku and Chitoge? Tagging Fellow Readers: @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @dyechris120 @ray15quil98 @DesiphirXIII
In the Next Chapter we will begin a new Arc I hope you guys will join me for more Excitement!!
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