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Anyone who remembers a time before the iPhone probably knows that humans have come a long way with technology in the past few decades. And what about our cats? Well, let's just say they've been forced to follow suit - albeit a little reluctantly.

Illustrator Anna Pavlova and friends created a hilarious series of images that perfectly compare the 'then' and 'now' of life as a cat in the 21st century.

Ever since the popularity of laptops, cats have a new warm to take naps on - whether you like it or not.

Speaking of heat, they've come a long way from radiators too.

And let's just say they've found a whole new mouse to chase.

Now they can bird-watch without ever making it near a window.

And, yeah, uh... they probably shouldn't play with those cables.

Or your iPad for that matter. That screen's not scratch-proof!

Catception can be achieved in whole new ways!

And now cats can meet other cats via the luxury of social media!

So how has your cat been keeping up with technology? Does your cat have its own Facebook? What kind of random tech is your cat a fan of?

Let me know in the comments below!
that last pic was scaring
Am I the only one who expected Twitter for birdwatching? :/
@danidee it doesn't love me it just pretends to when it's drunk and lonely and knows I miss it..
@danidee only when I'm desperate...
We've found the true purrpose of technology
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