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I know, I know, I have a lot of Suga in sports clothes, but that's when he mostly wears shorts. Tbh, I have a lot of Suga pictures in general, along with Jin and Jungkook, so expect a lot of jin and jungkook like how much I have of Yoongi.
Suga has some very feminine legs, it's kinda cute. It's SO DIFFERENT FROM JUNGKOOKS, JUNGKOOKIE, your thighs are heavenly
I didn't finish the whole ten because I wanted my bias to actually be a whole other set. And my current bias is....
JIN!! The true princess
And I have the most pictures of Jin at 416! yeah............anyways, let's go on.
I don't really have a lot of pictures of Tae, only about 90, but still, that's still a lot if you think about it. Taes personality is actually the kind that most people would say I'd go great with. I'm so antisocial it hurts. I love you Tae
And that concludes! our! leg! day! Stay tuned for the next time we do a day dedicated to a specific thing/ship/etc.
I will do more cards dedicated to a specific thing or ship, so pls ask if you want to be tagged for those.
Bless their leg muscles. Bless them.
@Mightmuffin maybe, but it's also partly because he spends a lot of his time creating BTS' music. I know inspiration doesn't come as easily as it does for RM, so he probably spends a lot of time looking for inspiration and making music.
I gotta agree. all the members except Suga has kinda thick muscular legs. and then u have Suga lol. his legs make me feel a bit pity for him cuz I feel it kinda shows how hard they had to work.
Oh true @Journ505