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Bonjour, KCON 2016! ♡

It's coming, kpoppers! (*´▽`*)

Allkpop posted this 2 hours ago!!
The 1st ever 'KCON 2016 France' will take place this coming June 2 at the Paris Accor Hotels Arena! [...] the event has unveiled an incredibly impressive lineup of artists, including SHINee, f(x), F.T. Island, Block B, BTS, and IOI! The concert will also be hosted by Super Junior's Leeteuk! According to reports, tickets for 'KCON 2016 France' will be available for sale beginning April 29!
High school French, please come back to me so I can go!!! ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・ I wanna meet oppa at least once in my life!

Who's excited?!? But before that, who can actually go!??

WHAT!! Thats not what I expected at ALL omg how cool!
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If only this were the lineup for LA. I would totally push aside work and summer classes to see block b, shinee, bts, and f(x)...
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OMG!! This is awesome!! 😱😱
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c'est bon! (i hope i said that right) this is really cool ☺
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@Isolate bon travaille (good job!) 😊 ikr?? wish i could go 😧
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