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Hey hey everyone. Sorry for the late entry I've been having a lazy day and just kinda forgot to post this. But is ok because my time zone is about 11:02. Anyway back to the card!
The tsundere I chose is Shizuku Mizutani. Shizuku or Miti is the heroine of the shoujo/ romantic comedy anime and manga Tonari no kaibutsu-kun or My Little Monster. Miti is a hardcore bookworm that cares little for interaction. She is typically a closed of person that dislikes noisy individuals, except for a boy named Haru. Haru is a delinquent-like character that brings out the best in Miti.
Miti strives to be the best that she can be... academically speaking. At first she doesn't participate in much of anything until Haru changes her world and brings her out of her shell. (Picture evolution of my tsundere waifu).
Although my waifu can't battle...she can outsmart yours and use reverse psychology at an expert level lol.
Bonus I like this picture because she looks like Rin Tohsaka (a previous waifu of mine)
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I love this Manga so much and shizuku is definitely a girl I'd marry lol