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I probably took my mom's occupation by granted when I was younger. I remember when she was studying for her cosmetology license I didn't like it when she used my hair for experimenting. My hair was permed, dyed, and snipped to a pixie cut. Anyways, this is my first time sharing personal photos (sorry, my sister requested no face). The hair colors above are dyed by my mom and sister who also likes hairstyling. I guess the blood runs in the fam! Within a month or two my sister went from deep red to gray. I have to note, our natural hair color is dark brown. Instead of using bleach it was dyed blonde. This is less damaging to the hair. If you want specific instructions, comment below! We'll share our formula!
This my sister's work. She was give my cousins ombre pink and purple gray. Her hair color is naturally lighter than ours. Since her hair was pre-bleached my sister only had to blend the dye. Prepping your hair is important and you can see the difference here of using bleach vs no-bleach! I hope this was helpful especially for dark hair ladies! =)
@GossamoKewen95 @SilentPianist for sure. I'll share it once I have my laptop with me! I'm currently out. 馃槄
can you share? Lol my hair is dark brown / black naturally and I wanted to dye it this year but scared because of the cost and damaging effects if I bleach it
I would like to know cause my hair is like a dark brown and black naturally but I dyed it a midnight blue (which made it look black with a blue tint) January last year then like a honey blonde in September. Now it's like a reddish brown and I want to dye it back to a midnight blue but I want the blue to show.
My hair is also dark brown almost black and I want to dye it. can you share the instructions?
@JessicaVang my cousin's hair was bleach because it faded from her previous color. So we jumped right and colored it pink. I'll share some details of how to dye it pink without bleach in my next card.
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