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When I first started watching Date A Live I never thought someone as adorable as Kotori would be the Tsundere type. Man was I wrong she can go from a sweet adorable imouto character that loves her big brother Shido to a Full blown Sadistic Tsundere. I freakin Love her lol She's so damn hilarious!!
That's right She can from this....
This in a matter of seconds if you try to take her big brother away from her. She may just end up burning you to a crisp. She's a spirit by the way.
Kotori is so Cute lol #Waifu #DateAlive #CelestialBeing
I loved the first season of date online, and she is totally bad ass whooooohoooo.😄😂😂😃😀
I was gonna mention that but then I forgot lol @SAMURXAI
Kotori Left the first impression on me after the first episode lol I was very surprised when I found out. She's definitely one of my Favorite Characters in the show lol
@BlackoutZJ yeah for sure. she was so adorable but then, bam hard ass commander /super powerful spirit and closet tsundere..
yahs!!! I love kotori I didn't think of her as tsundere or I would have featured her in mine, I don't know why she totes is.. dumb. I'm dumb