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Miniature cooking is SO COOL for some weird reason.

I stumbled upon a Korean version recently and HAD TO SHARE!

Here's is a detailed explanation of how to make (mini) kimchi!!!

Very, very basically:
- Spread some kimchi paste (mix of red pepper flakes, garlic, sugar, and salt) on each cabbage leaf.
- When every leaf in a quarter is covered with paste, wrap it around itself into a small packet, and put into your jar.
- Eat right away, or let it sit for a few days to ferment.

Now that you've made your kimchi, time to make kimchi fried rice!

Who else just fell in love with mini cooking!?

I love miniature cooking videos! Have you seen the one where they make Korean fried chicken? It's so adorable.
These are so addictive to watch lol @AlyssaGelet818 I am the same way! Things that are ways smaller or way bigger than they should be are so amusing to me.
@pharmgirlerin YES! I cant believe her little stove top actually works! The oil actually boils hahahahha
I love anything small, and this is just too cute for words~~