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Almost all the time, I forget about all life outside and look inside the thing in my lap and the bright shiny colors on my computer screen. But I do remember that this day can be the only real time for peace, tranquility, happiness, imagination, and whatever brownie products I purchased recently at the grocery store.
So, for those of you who read past the first two sentences without firing up or fall under paranoia, I have some lists that can go along nicely when reach the skies of infinite and possibly a good munch.
Warnings before you light up
1. You must have plenty of food to keep you stuffed at the end of this session.
2. If you are alone or have friends who are participating, there will be anger followed by silliness.
3. You will feel less in control and won’t even move from your couch.
4. Don’t eat the greens. It’s not a salad, you idiot.
5. Try to inhale as much as your body can take.
6. Keep track of everything you do.
7. There might be a dragon outside your house at any point in time.
After the first hit
1. When exhaling, you go from feeling normal, to zen. Almost as if you are with Buddha himself.
2. You or your friends will have a dead language of their own.
7. You muffle to yourself as to what in green tar nation they’re talking about.
During ‘zen’ mode
1. The mind begins to slide back and forth, and up and down.
2. You’ll be floating from your seat if you concentrate hard enough.
7. Actually, scratch that last part. You’ll just be in your seat.
Stuff you talk about
1. Philosophy nonsense.
2. Who is more attractive, celebrates with makeup, or ones without makeup.
7. What happens if I do this? kahfiufiufufeufhgowevd;i fiufwhfefgvuff iuf hvfuwef ewhf eugfieuf wpieuf f fhuffjf9oefi;hf weir93yhr f98t2ngo98h fh03kho0.
Video games you play
1. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.
2. Halo 4.
7. The newest Madden game that came out recently.
Movies you watch
1. Half Baked.
2. The Big Lebowski.
7. Whatever movie that’s playing on cable TV right now with a smoking scene.
Questions you think about
1. What is life?
2. Who is this guy?
7. How the hell did we get to number seven that quickly?
Scary stuff
1. Is this all happening right now?
2. What was that noise?
7. Holy fucking shit, where’d that dragon come from?!
666. Are you there, god? It’s me, -insert name here- Did you and Satan make a bet on this?
1. You wake up.
2. You know where you are.
3. Ah good, we’re back to numerical order.
4. Does my breath stink?
5. I feel okay.
6. Can we do that again sometime?
7. I need food.
Happy 420 folks. Let's get wasted.
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