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“I’m so proud of you.” He whispered in your ear. “Maybe I’ll just have to reward you tonight for such a great accomplishment.” You stood by a table surrounded by your boss and all of your co-workers. Your boss had decided to hold a small party in celebration of your most recent promotion. “Congratulations on becoming partner, [Y/N]. I expect nothing but great things from you.” He raised his glass and grinned from ear to ear. As did you. You had taken your long-term boyfriend, Jaebum, with you. His hand rested on the small of your back as he leaned in to give you a short kiss on your cheek. “I’m so proud of you.” He whispered in your ear. “Maybe I’ll just have to reward you tonight for such a great accomplishment.” His words and the sultry of his tone sent chills down your spine. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to bring him along, his lust becoming evident with each passing minute. His hands went up your short dress to grope your ass, earning a surprised squeak from you. You immediately turned your body around to fully face him, “Jaebum, what the hell?” You whispered harshly so only he was able to hear. He gave a smug smile, not even uttering a simple apology. Only adding to your building frustration “I’m sorry.” You said to your colleagues after turning back to face them. They offered small smiles, noticing the obvious tension between you and Jaebum. The night carried on, your boyfriend continuing to tease you throughout the evening. “I swear to god, if you don’t stop I’m going to make you sleep on the couch tonight.” You hissed when his hands began to roam over your body, pausing at your ass then continuing. He gave a dark chuckle before removing himself. He leaned in closer so his breath was hitting your ear, “Don’t even try to threaten me. I’m in such good mood, I don’t want to have to punish you. Do you really want that?” You only gulped, ignoring him as you were not able to give him a verbal answer. Despite having told him to back off you couldn’t deny he was turning you on immensely. The moment he began his teasing antics all you wanted was to take him to the back room and let him have you. But you refrained, not wanting to risk being caught or worse, fired. It wasn’t long before your desires took over, making your way over to your boss with Jaebum by your side. You held a warm smile as you began to speak, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to leave. Thank you for this amazing night, you really didn’t have to.” He returned your smile, “No, thank you for coming. I’ll see you on Monday, [Y/N]. And again, congratulations on such a huge accomplishment.” “See you on Monday.” You were grinning as you reached out to shake his hand. Jaebum shook his hand as well, then you were out of the building and off to your shared apartment. - The moment you stepped inside Jaebum pressed his lips against yours, pushing you against the wall. His hand found your thigh and lifted your leg, holding onto your thigh so it rested on his hip. “You looked so good tonight. I just couldn’t help myself.” He growled before attacking your neck, leaving a mix of bites and kisses, sucking on your skin until it was red and tender. Your breathing hitched as his free hand went between your legs, his slender fingers rubbing against your soaked panties. He clicked his tongue, “So wet. Did I make you feel this way?” His free hand roamed every inch of bare skin, whatever your dress couldn’t cover. “Yes.” You exhaled sharply. He moved the fabric to the side before rubbing slow circles onto your clit causing you to moan out. “You like this, Princess?” You nodded in response. At this, Jaebum removed all contact from you, pulling away and walking off. You stood, stunned, before following him to the bedroom. There he stood, at the end of the bed. “Come here.” The tone of his voice was deep and stern. He swiped his tongue subconsciously over his lower lip as he watched you walk over so you were right in front of him. He wrapped his arms behind your back so he was able to unzip your dress. He removed the material in one swift movement, leaving you in only your panties. Luckily you didn’t wear a bra, leaving Jaebum pleased with the easier access. He groped your breasts in his palms for a brief moment, then pulled away to remove your underwear. “Get on the bed and spread you legs.” He said, his tone from before remaining. You complied instantly, laying your back onto the mattress and spreading your legs for Jaebum. He removed his clothes, relieving the tension from his veiny cock, pre-come already glistening at the tip. He wasted no time in placing his head between your thighs. “So fucking beautiful.” He murmured before giving a swipe of his tongue along your slicked folds. You whimpered above him, craving a lot more. He smirked, “You taste so good, Baby Girl.” His words only aroused you further. “Please, Jaebum.” You pleaded. “So impatient. Where are your manners?” He spoke harshly. He pushed two digits into your core without any warning, causing you to gasp. He didn’t give you any time to adjust, thrusting his fingers in a rapid pace. Moans spilled passed your lips, and they only grew when he inserted a third and began curling them slightly. You looked down at him as your fingers instinctively entangled in his hair, taking notice in his free hand wrapped around his length as he lightly jerked himself. In no time his mouth was on your clit, flicking his tongue over the bundle of nerves. Your breathing became ragged as you felt the familiar coil in your stomach begging to come undone. “Jaebum-” You panted, “I’m close. Don’t let me come yet, please.” You begged. He ignored you, continuing his movements. “You love when I use my fingers to fuck you, don’t you Baby Girl?” His words along with the vibrations that accompanied them against your clit sent the pleasure to wash over like a wave as your orgasm hit. Your back arching off the bed, an elongated moan eliciting. You slumped against the bed. Jaebum removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth, ridding them of your juices as you watched with heavy lids. “Don’t even think about falling asleep, we’re only just getting started.” He placed both of his hands on either side of your thighs, pushing them back so he could situate himself between them. He wasted no time in plunging his erected length into your soaked heat. Just as before his movements started off in a fast pace. Your hands fisted the sheets as your head was thrown back. His hands moved from your thighs up to your breasts, giving them a light squeeze then going back down again. He repeated this action, wanting to feel every inch of your skin as you squirmed underneath him from the pleasure he provided. Sometimes his hands would go behind you, running down to grope your ass cheeks in his palms. Then they were back on your thighs to keep you from attempting to close your legs. His fingers dug into your skin as his grip tightened and you knew for a fact he would leave marks. He moved so his mouth was by your ear, “Try to be quiet, Princess. Don’t want to wake the neighbours.” You whimpered as you nodded, biting down on your bottom lip in hopes of putting a halt to any sounds that threatened to escape. An amused chuckle emitting from him as he watched you struggle. He continued plunging his length into you, “Such a good girl for me. Do you like when my cock is filling your tight little hole?” He whispers into your ear, sending goosebumps to spread throughout your body. “Y-yes, Jaebum.” You struggled to speak any further comprehensible words as the familiar knot in your stomach made itself known for the second time. You were a moaning mess, your hands finding their way to his back, clawing at his skin as the satisfaction coursed through you. He snapped his hips even faster, his head falling into the crook of your neck. His teeth nipped at your skin, causing you to groan both at the slight pain and pleasure that was laced in it. “You’re so, ah, perfect-[Y/N].” He spoke between hasty thrusts. The occasional groan spilling from his lips as his climax began to slowly creep up on him. One of his hands left your thigh as his thumb found your clit, rubbing against the bundle of nerves in hopes of bringing you closer to your second orgasm of the night. You moaned, which sounded more like a scream, at his sudden burst of actions. He gave a dark, breathy chuckle at your reaction, “Didn’t I tell you to be quiet?” He snapped into you even harder so he was balls deep, causing you to scream once more. The sound of skin being slapped reverberated in the small room as his hand met your thigh. “I said to fucking be quiet.” You whimpered as you tried to mutter an apology, but even a simple ‘sorry’ couldn’t be said as his movements continued. In no time you were seeing stars, your orgasm crashing over you. This time you felt as if you were completely wiped out, but Jaebum wasn’t finished. Once he was certain he had ridden your high down, he pulled out. Cock still rock hard. He gave a sigh, shaking his head. “What are we going to do about this…” He shook his head and mocked a disappointed expression. Despite the exhaustion that hung over your entire body, you knew it was only fair to bring him his own high. You lazily pulled yourself from the bed and stood on the floor. Jaebum moved to the edge of the bed, spreading his legs so you could have a comfortable place to sit. You sat on your knees on the cold floor. Once you were level with his cock you didn’t hesitate to take his length in your mouth, using a hand to reach whatever you couldn’t with your mouth alone. Jaebum groaned in pleasure, throwing his head back. It’s not long until he has a hand on top of your head, fingers entangling in your hair and gently massaging. “You’re such a good girl for me, you know that?” You hummed in response, causing Jaebum to accidentally thrust into your mouth at the sudden burst of immense pleasure. “Let me fuck your mouth, Baby.” He groaned. You attempted to give him a nod, moving your hand down to rest on his lap. You looked into his eyes as you relaxed your throat to keep your gag reflex under control. He slowly thrusted in at first, not wanting to hurt you. Your eyes immediately closed as he sped up, you feeling every inch of his veiny cock. He fucked you ruthlessly and you could do nothing but focus on breathing from your nose and control your gag reflex. Small gags here and there only fuelled Jaebum’s satisfaction with the constriction of your throat around his girth, though. You looked into his eyes, yours watering from your throat being abused. The pull on your hair increasing as Jaebum neared his edge. You reached a hand down to massage his balls, he whimpered. You swallowed then hummed, and that was enough to send Jaebum over the edge. He pulled back a bit as soon as he knew he was going to lose it, still keeping his tip in your mouth as he lightly jerked himself to completion. You swallowed whatever you could, despite the bitter taste. Some of his seed spilling from the side of your mouth. Jaebum softly cursed as he watched you, all fucked out from his cock. He brought his hand to wipe the left over come, picking it up with his thumb and putting it in your mouth. You licked him clean. “Are you sure you’re not a pornstar?” He joked, which only got him a smack to his bare thigh. “Only joking, [Y/N]. Now come on, let’s clean this mess up before we settle in.” You nodded in response, your throat far too sore from what it had endured. You knew he was satisfied, and that’s what kept you from feeling any regrets. Once the both of you were sure you cleaned everything thoroughly you took a shower together. He felt every inch of your skin as the water washed down on the both of you. His fingertips brushing over your shoulder, to your neck, then your jaw. He gave your cheek a quick peck. “You’re so amazing, you know that?” He complimented constantly, leaving you with smile plastered on your face. Once you were out you dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, Jaebum in only his boxers, then you were cuddled up in bed. His arms wrapped around your waist lazily, his face levelled with yours. He gave you a peck on your nose. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too.” You croaked. Jaebum gave a nervous chuckle, knowing full well why you sounded that way. “Maybe I should be a little more gentle next time.” You shook your head, “I like when you fuck me like this.” He held your body closer to his, “Okay, whatever you want. I just don’t ever want to hurt you.” He kissed the top of your head. You smiled, “You can’t hurt me, Jaebum.” You nuzzled into his chest briefly then pulled back to relax into the pillows. “By the way, congratulations on your promotion. I’m so proud of you.” He spoke huskily, sleep already threatening to consume him. “Thank you.” You simply replied. With that the both of you drifted off into a deep slumber, with you in his arms. Holding you close as if he were protecting you from anything and everything. You truly did love this man, there was no doubt about that. And he definitely loved you back.
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OOH MY GAAAWWWD!! lmaooo.. this was soooo HOT!!.🔥🔥🔥. I was literally on the edge with this.. My Wrecker! !!..well you know what he does to me lol 😥😥 🚿🚿🚿 I need a cold shower..
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