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Wow, I knew I loved the song, but I didn't realize how much until I read the English translation.

Here are my favorite lines:

"Im happy with who Ive become That I can make someone scream with joy I stand on the middle of the hot, empty stage And suddenly I feel so afraid of the void These mixed feelings With my life on the line I pretend I dont care The thundering applause, I cant own it forever Raise your voice higher Even if the attention isnt forever, Ill keep singing I want to stay this way for life I want to stay young forever Even when I fall and hurt myself I keep running toward my dream
This song makes me emotional. I loved the meaning! But I especially loved J-Hope's lines... he gets so real, saying that he will keep singing even if they decline in fame.
I think our boys are growing up and realizing that time changes everything. This noona will still love them forever!
This song means a lot to me!! Like soo much! And when I watched the epilogue with lyrics, it made me realize how much BTS has grown, not only physically, but mentally.
I start tearing up when they say they will sing forever or for as long as they can (I can't remember the line exactly)...BTS have made me so happy/emotional sometimes and I really love them. I'll love them for as long as they sing and continue to impress us and hurt our hearteus with their amazing talents and crazy, adorable antics.
*cue the ugly sobbing and ugly whale noises*
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