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Don't have much to say about last night's game.

It was a great pitching duel between MadBum and Greinke. I feel like we should've won this one and it would've given us the push and momentum we need. But it's only April and we still have a long way to go. We most certainly need to pick up our hitting and even though it wasn't much of a problem last night, our bullpen needs to step up its game as well.

Let's just hope we take today's game.

My fellow Giants nation fam, what were your thoughts on last night's game against the D-Backs?

@CeezonKing @DucktheFodgers 4-game sweep by Arizona....? Now that's never happened before .
dude no need to rub it in @mchlyang
its frustrating
I'm sorry boys...you guys lost again today
@CeezonKing Yeah I like seeing Panik. And I don't think putting Span in the lead off spot is a decision by Bochy. I rather feel like it's the GM's decision.
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