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I recently purchased my first order from ASOS and it arriving sometime next week. While waiting for the new set of clothes to add to my collection I really need to clear out the older stuff. I am one of those girl who likes hoarding things. One moment I convinced myself to throw it out, the next moment I pull them back in. Finally, during senior year of college I learned the lesson of not collecting old items I don't use
This is the list I go by now to refresh my closet. I do this seasonally to avoid clutter.
1. Clothes you haven't wore in a year or two. It's time to let those go. I know you may have feeling with an outfit or two, but if it's not your style anymore it's time to donate it.
2. Wire hangers you got from the dry cleaners.
Free hangers don't last long and it actually stretch out your delicate clothes.
3. Socks and intimates with holes or worn-out elastics.
Intimates are important, especially the top. If the band no longer fits you have to replace it. Socks is a no brainer.
4. Anything that is missing as a pair.
There is no point keeping a socks or earrings if the other pair is lost.
5. Stained tops.
It's time to recycle your old tees and tanks if you are embarrassed of wearing them while guest are around or outside the house.
6. Extra buttons and sewing thread from new clothes. I saved a bunch of these suckers but never used them. Not even one! They were just sitting them in my drawer and piling up.
That's my list of must-go items! What do you normally throw out when you clean your closet?