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Recently, Lee Seunggi had an interview at the end of MBC’s ‘Gu Family Book’. In the interview, he spoke up about enlistment and he explained, “I am definitely going. The reason why I don’t really talk about this matter is because even though I keep thinking that I should go soon, there are a lot of problems such as CF contracts and others.” He also said the time is difficult to be said, because he still don’t plan the exact time for it. But he added when he’ll enlist, he will definitely serve as an active duty soldier. http://koreanupdates.com/2013/07/01/lee-seunggi-when-ill-enlist-ill-definitely-serve-as-an-active-duty-soldier/
ohhh soooo sweet !!!
what a responsible man..love you more, Kang Chi!
he"s good in; the king 2 hearts'