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Let me get one thing straight; Harry Potter fans are pretty creative with proposals. The cut out pages until the unbreakable vow, use the books as a scavenger hunt, and even have grand Harry Potter themed weddings that always fill us fans with awe. And yet, Evan Onuskanych takes the cake with his proposal! A hand drawn, personal Marauders Map that takes them through the story of their relationship! I know, I know, Im crying too.
Evan told Bustle that he was searching high and low on the Internet for a creative (but not cheesy) way to propose and couldnt find ANYTHING! Until he thought of this idea. The map includes the high school where they met, the coffee shop where they went on their first date, their dorms in Penn State where they both attended, and the spot.... You know that spot... Where he totally popped the question. Not only was it at their favorite hiking trail called the beach, he made sure the map showed that they were there! Such an amazingly cute detail!
Oh yeah, and she obviously said yes!!! Is anyone else as insanely jealous as I am right now ?!
I'm not jealous
The cuteness is overflowing here. ♡
Too cute!!!!!!
That's so sweet!!!!