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I know this is a stupid question but I just wanted to know why and how did you get interested in Anime? My first story is when I was a kid I am always bullied and I started not to go out the house after that and started to watch cartoon. I really love cartoon even now and then but when I was looking for games I saw this anime called ONE PIECE and is very famous anime now days. So I started watching anime and the first one to watch is One Piece but not because I like one piece but it is because I love the stories and I love the drawings so far. Now that I learned that anime has some stories that kids to learn like ONE PIECE that we should take a risks of our dreams even if something happens to you but if u don't risk anything then your dream is nothing.
i like Anime cause they're awesome N they also teach u valuable things too๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‰
Fairy tail! for me I didn't think I would like Fairy tail when I saw it on Netflix and I judge the style that the person made Natsu and thou it wouldn't be what the show was originally about (like some anime shows aren't what you expected) but when I watched it I fell in love with the story line and how wrong I was with the show (normally I'm right but this time I was wrong and glad to be wrong xD (by that I mean the storyline, it thought it would be something else).
Well to be honest, I don't remember the anime that brought me into liking anime. I would like to think it's in the anime Fairy Tail or maybe the anime D. Gray Man, but I know I started watching anime before those anime. I have a pretty good guess on the anime that got me into anime, I pretty sure it was either Chrome Shelled Regios or Legend of the Legendary Heroes or Okami-san and Her Seven Companions or even Kenichi: Mightiest Disciple. I'm not sure if it's any of those, but I would like to think so. If I had to pick two that I think I started out of the all, would be Chrome Shelled Regios and Okami-san and Her Seven Companions. It's just because, I know those two anime from way back, but I don't watch them anymore. Partly because they aren't on Netflix anymore and another reason is because I've already seen all the episodes of them and I just don't think of them that often. But, I'm pretty sure the theme song got me into liking Chrome Shelled Regios, I don't even know how I liked watching Okami-san and Her Seven Companions, maybe it's because it had a strong female role and I hate when anime female characters are weak. But I know that the theme song is most likely the reason I watched those anime. Because, I always judge an anime by the theme song, and if it turns out that the theme song is sucky, I end up trying to watch the first episode to see if I like it or not. But, mostly all the anime I watched, had perfect theme songs, so I ended up liking the anime. But anyways, I don't know what anime brought me into liking anime, but I wish I knew. I don't even know how I watched the anime that started it all for me.
basic answer we all grew up watching anime before we knew what anime was.....The first anime I ever watched was Dragonball Z, in the 90's. I didn't start watching anime until I was 16. At first I thought Naruto was stupid cartoon, but man was I wrong. I was basically a shut-in, I didn't like making friends....I still don't๐Ÿ˜”
my first anime that i watched N Fell in Love N got me hooked into anime was Ouran High School Host Club๐Ÿ˜†
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