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I know this is a stupid question but I just wanted to know why and how did you get interested in Anime? My first story is when I was a kid I am always bullied and I started not to go out the house after that and started to watch cartoon. I really love cartoon even now and then but when I was looking for games I saw this anime called ONE PIECE and is very famous anime now days. So I started watching anime and the first one to watch is One Piece but not because I like one piece but it is because I love the stories and I love the drawings so far. Now that I learned that anime has some stories that kids to learn like ONE PIECE that we should take a risks of our dreams even if something happens to you but if u don't risk anything then your dream is nothing.
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Naruto was actually the first anime that got me into reading manga.....because I caught up with the anime. I was so into it I wanted to know what happened next. at the time the anime stop at Sasuke fighting Itachi. I fell in love with anime even more.
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my first anime that i watched N Fell in Love N got me hooked into anime was Ouran High School Host Club馃槅
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Anime takes alot of situations of real life and they bring it into a anime in a very crazy and awesome way! also alot of the anime characters motivate me so much and I love that! they are my motivation when I work out! and last but not least because anime is fun,funny,and entertaining ^_^ those funny moments are just hilarious and fun lol so those are some of my reasons why I like and LOVE Anime:)
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I actually started watching anime when I was around 6 or something. I have faint memories of Cartoon Network showing animes like Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, and DBZ, but I never watched them because Yu-Gi-Oh is just boring to me lol, still is... DBZ was like huh and so was Naruto. One day I woke up around 4, and turned on the tv to adult swim, and they were showing an anime. Well I was bored and I kinda liked the art or style of the anime, though at the time I didn't know it was an anime. 2 episodes of that anime, one at 4 and another at 4:30.... I was hooked. I literally would start just waking up at 3:45 just so I wouldn't miss the next episodes. Then after weeks of watching the anime, I found out it was called Inuyasha. Actually at the time, I kept to myself about watching anime... anime was like a treasure I found and I wanted to keep quiet about it. 3rd grade though, I was working on a project with my now current best friend of 8 years lol, and I literally said... "do you know what Inuyasha is?" Her response was immediate, "omg yes!!!" and we had a bond instantly. 馃榾馃榾 So any anime we come across and watch, we would share it with one another if we thought it was good. But now that I'm in high school, I noticed a lot of otakus in all my honors classes, and I think it's quite fitting. We're all nerds and I don't really mind it hehe. Anime is literally all I watch tbh... other than YouTube... shows I see on tv are boring to me and they don't really provoke any emotions from me.... but when I watch anime, it either makes me super happy, embarrassed, sad and make me cry like a baby, or other types of emotions, but that's actually what caused me to like it even more. So... I don't really regret getting into anime, but my mind is waaaaayyyy in the gutter because of it.
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