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So February.... I think I spent this month listening to a lot of Mamamoo. And I mean a lot. Everything Mamamoo came out with this month I was listening to. They are my official girl crush group. I love the whole group. The list of songs on this card is shorter than last month because, well, I didn't really listen or like much of what came out this month.

Reddy -Think

This is my jam. I've been coming back to this song all year. Never stop listening to it lol. I mean how can I not when my husbands velvety voice is on the track?????

Mamamoo -Cat

Mamamoo -Taller Than You

Mamamoo -Your The Best

As you can see I listened to everything Mamamoo came out with this month and loved it.

Mad Clown x Brother Su -Like Romance Comics

I really liked this song and thought it was super cute.

Ladies Code -Galaxy

I give props to Ladies' Code for making a comeback and doing it well. I sincerely hope for the best for their futures and hope to see more of them.

Eddy Kim -Paldangdam

Uhm, this mv was super trippy and interesting but totally up Beenzino's alley wish is why I wasn't surprised to see him feature in it. But I seriously liked it.

G. Soul -Smooth Operator

I sincerely love this remix. Smooth Operator has been one of my favorite songs from Sadé but I love G. Soul's voice so much that this is like 100 times better.

IN&CHOO -Love and Hate

Uhm let's take a minute to acknowledge those *struggling not to say abs* dance moves. I love me some talented dancers. These dancing twins are very unique and this is the only song they have out that I genuinely like.....

Big Brain -No-Yes

This ballad group debuted in 2015 but they really started to enter my heart with this song. It was just so beautiful.

YUMDDA -Then Yes

This song was my happy spell. Whenever I listened to it I automaticaclly started to smile and feel better.

Nucksal -팔지 않아

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