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After School's Uee was featured in Vogue Girl's June edition– sporting the latest trends and loud colors. There is so much yet so little going on in these photos. The individual pieces themselves are great, but when put together it seems like the work of a juvenile styling team. The trends are a little too obvious and the outfits are not anything special to me. Also, the one look that I would have liked to see head to toe they decided to profile and crop at an extremely awkward thigh area. hmph. A photoshoot for a big magazine like Vogue Girl should not just be shooting clothing. There should be a feel, an attitude to the entire page. And when featuring a celebrity, the magazine should make sure to let the celeb's personality shine through the pages. I do not see Uee's personality here. At all. There are also some glaring mistakes: yellow shoes against yellow background; lifeless, limp hair covering up necklace and collar detailing (I can't figure out if they even bothered to do her hair); and Kang Chul Woong's and Uee's looks do not correspond to one another's in the last look. Part of the charm with a guy + girl shot is how well a certain vibe can translate to both men and women's attire. I think I have expressed my views enough on this topic. I will say that despite all this, Uee looks wonderful, especially those legs!