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Yeah March has come and brought us.....


Jay Park -The Truth Is


DEAN -bonnie & clyde


Hanhae - I Used To


Red Velvet -One of these Nights

One of these nights is such a soothing song and I love how they harmonize the song. Their harmony and melody remind me very something else though
#5, 6

Lee Hi -Hold My Hand

Lee Hi -Breathe


10cm -What The Spring?

How I feel every time spring comes along
#8, 9

Eric Nam -Interview

Eric Nam -Good For You


GOT7 -Fly

Fly is such a sentimental song. It got me feeling all sorts of feels.

Hong Jin Young -Thumbs Up

Seriously I brighten up the moment I hear this song with a huge cheesy grin on my face.

BeautyHandsome -Felt like forever

Check these guys out you guys. They are really good

Oh My Girl -Liar Liar


Ra.D -I Want You

Seriously Bubblegum guy is in it looking all adorable

Park Kyung -Inferiority Complex


Nafla -Dopeboy


KittiB -Doing Good


Ryan -Preview

Seriously his voice just feels magical to me.

Minah -I am a Woman Too


Skull&Haha -Love Inside

This song is really nice. At least I think so....And this collab was really nice to see. Hopefully there will be more like this in the future.