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Let it go, let it go.

No, but seriously. Sometimes you just have to muster up the courage and let it go -- or in this case, let them go. Holding on to a relationship that has no future is like holding on to a water bottle that is empty. It serves absolutely no purpose and when it serves no purpose, that's when it's time to throw it out. While you might enjoy the idea of keeping this person around, you're doing yourself more harm than you are good.
The idea of having someone in your corner is quite lovely, but if that person is no good for you then the idea doesn't even matter. We've all had to let go of something or someone we cherished before and although it was hard for us to do in the beginning, in the end we benefitted from it. If you find yourself holding onto a relationship that no longer serves you in a positive manner, let go. Breathe. Doesn't that feel so much better? Okay, maybe that was a bit too soon, but it will. Keep scrolling to see just how easy and beneficial it is to simply let go.

Ask the person to meet you for a cup of coffee and explain your reasoning.

Cutting ties cold turkey can leave you with a guilty feeling in your chest. It's better to be polite and end things on a good foot. Not only will this make you feel better, but it will allow the coping period to be much more of a breeze than if you just happened to up and disappear.

Delete and block their number.

Okay, hear me out first. If you want to move on, you have to take necessary measures into your own hands. I know blocking someone sounds a bit far fetch, but it helps. If you only delete the number you will easily be sucked back in and texting someone when you're lonely or vulnerable doesn't take too much effort.

Move on. One day at a time.

Baby steps. It's easier said than done and it takes time, but once you're capable of doing so -- happiness will definitely be on your side.

Have you ever had to let someone go?

How did you manage to do so?
totally true! I can relate for sure @MyAffairWith
@sophiamor how long if you don't mind
Hard to do but sometimes it's a must
My long distance boyfriend was hard to let go of just because i was too worried about hurting him to break it off :/ It went on for way too long and we would have been happier if we had ended it sooner
@jordanhamilton I'm pretty cold-hearted about it
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