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BeautyHandsome -The One

BeautyHandsome -If you went the other way

This song and mv are seriously cute you guys. Please show these guys some love.
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Three Men With Three Guitars -Two of us

Three Men With Guitars -I walked through spring with you


Mamamoo -Woo Hoo


Yang Da Il -She didn't love me


TWICE -Cheer Up


Classico -My Narrative


Na Aram -Grazed

If you don't know about her you should she has an amazing voice.

Sleepy -Body Lotion


Sam Kim -No Sense


Bizzy -All I Need


Block-B -Toy


JYP -Still Alive


Bernard Park x Hye Rim -With You


CNBLUE -You-re So Fine


Jin Won -Confession of love


Suran -I Feel


David Oh -W.D.I.A.G.W (Where did it all go wrong)


Lovey x Exy -My Type Cover

and the original for those who want to listen
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Block B - Toy TWICE - Cheer Up Both are great, I love Toy a lot!