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Wow it has been awhile! I am sorry for being MIA for a bit but life took over and didn't want to return me until now...So...therefore...the long-awaited for...11th Chapter of Running Towards You! Thank you for waiting and I hope you enjoy it~ XD (Credit to owners!)
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I got you lovelies~

Chapter 11 - The Reveal

Sehun ' s P.O.V.
I am so excited for today! Y/N is going to be having dinner with us! I miss seeing her. Even though I only spent one day with her, I know that I need to see her again. After getting ready we all got in the van and started to head towards the restaurant. We had reserved the place today so we could enjoy our dinner with everyone, without having to worry about other people. We RSVPed the room upstairs and we all sat down in our chairs. After a while, Baekhyun's and Kai's girlfriends showed up. Ashley walked in first, squealing when she saw Baekhyun. He was excited to see her, the rest of us not so much. None of us really liked Ashley. We believed that Baekhyun was too blinded by his love for her to see what a horrible person she really was. She even tried to hit on Chanyeol one time while Baekhyun was gone, thinking that she could seduce any one of us, as if we were at the tip of her fingers. Vinny walked in behind her and quietly went and sat by Kai. Vinny, the exact opposite of Ashley, is nice and sweet and she can surprisingly keep Kai in check. He was such a playboy before he met her. He must really like Vinny for him to stop his old player ways. I smile at the thought. I hope I can find someone like that for me someday. Someone who I can love and be myself with.
Interrupting my thoughts, I heard the door open behind us and I looked back to see Jess, Choon-Hee, and Y/N enter the room. As soon as Y/N entered, I could not keep myself from staring at her. She is beautiful. Her dress, her hair, her make-up, everything about her is amazing. The waitress started to lead them to their seats and (thank you lord) she sat in between Suho and I. I could not keep myself from grinning.
After introductions from the all the girls, we all started to look at our menus to see what we wanted to eat. I could not help but look over at her and I unconsciously started moving towards her, my eyes not leaving her face. I felt her flinch and I immediately moved my eyes to her menu, trying to hid the fact that I was staring at her.
"Y-yes?" she asked.
Crap! What should I say. Something that won't make me sound stupid.
"You smell nice" O___O. What did I just say. IDIOT.
"Umm, thank you?"
IDIOT. IDIOT. IDIOT. Now she thinks your weird. Quick, change the topic...
"Have you decided what you are getting yet?" I ask. Nice save, I thought mentally high-fiving myself.
I saw her ponder. "No...I am stuck between Bulgogi or Samgyeopsal....both sound so good..."
"You should get the Bulgogi," I said. That is what I am getting so she should get it too. Maybe we can feed eachother... I started to grin at the thought.
"No, you should get the Samgyeopsal,"said Suho to the left of her. I looked over at him to see him staring at me.
"And why should she get that Hyung?" I said as I glared back at him with an equally intense glare. He was refusing to back down. Does he like her too?
"Because it is more delicious than Bulgogi and you can't go wrong with it," he sasses back, giving me a smirk.
"Well I think that she will enjoy the Bulgogi more and that it is the right choice for her," so she can share with me, I thought to myself. Realizing that he wasn't going to give up, I turned towards Y/N.
"What do you think Y/N?" I said simultaneously with Suho. We both started to glare at one another again, as if we were waging some type of mental warfare.
"I think I am going to get the... Bulgogi," she stated. I heard Suho sigh and I was mentally cheering.
"Ohorat!" I said, proud of myself that she chose the menu item that I suggested for her.
"What are you guys getting?" She then asked us, catching us both off guard.
"Bulgogi," I said at the same time with Suho. What the freak...I thought he wanted to get Samgyeopsal. Now I am definitely starting to think that he likes her as well. Suho stares at me, giving me a look like he is thinking along the same lines.
"Ok...well then we can all share!" Y/N exclaimed, flashing her bright smile at us. I quickly turned away as my heart skipped a beat. How can she be so cute? I noticed that she was leaning towards me and I continued to shift from her so she would not see how red I was becoming.
"Ok, fine, I get it. You guys don't want to share with me..." I quickly turned around to see her pouting.
"No Y/N that isn't –" I started.
"Of course I want to-"
"You guys are so silly. I mean it is just food right? What are you guys so tense about?" she said. I looked back up at Suho and we made eye contact once again. We are tense about you Y/N. You just don't know it yet. The waitress, as if she knew that the situation had become awkward, came and took out orders from us. The tension between Suho and I dropped. I need to ask him what that was about later.
We then all started talking about the concert and the recording day, when Y/N abruptly got out of her seat.
"I-I will be right back," she said while fleeing the room. What was that all about? I then noticed that Ashley gets up as well and follows her out of the door. I started to get nervous. Shit. Is Ashley going to do something to Y/N? After contemplating my options, I decided to go after them, walking out of the door. I had just turned the corner to see Ashley come out of the restroom door with a smile on her face. She noticed me, and as she walked by the smile quickly turned into a smirk. She passed by me and not even a second later I saw Y/N come running out of the bathroom and heading towards the steps to the main floor of the resturant. I decided to go after her.
"Y/N!" I screamed as I was running after her. Damn, she is fast. I started to increase my pace.
"Y/N! Wait!" I said, catching her by the arm after finally catching up with her.
"L-let me go!" she said. I could tell that something was wrong by the way her voice sounded.
"Y/N, look at me," I said. She shook her head, continuing to look away.
"Just please, leave me alone!" She yelled, trying to escape from my grasp but I was holding on tight enough to where she wouldn't be able to break free.
"Y/N!" I said, pulling her towards me and turning her around so I could see her face. I looked down to see that her face was bruised and tear-stained. I stood there in shock. "W-what happened?" I asked, trying to remain clam.
"Please, Sehun, just let me be by myself for a little bit," she whispered, still crying, not wanting to meet my eyes. I began to grow angry.
"Who did this to you Y/N?" I asked. "WHO DID THIS!" I screamed, furious. She jumped at my yelling. Noticing that, I calmed down once again. "Sorry" I said. She is already hurt, I do not need to make it worse. I think I have a pretty good idea about who it was already but I needed to hear it from her.
"I-its okay," she said trying to reassure me. "I-it was Ashley. She was mad at me for the Baekhyun incident and I tried to explain it to her but she wouldn't listen to me. It all happened so fast. I didn't even get to explain," she said, in between her sniffling. "But don't blame her Sehun, okay? It is my fault for this accident so don't do anything okay?" she asked me, smiling. I looked down at her and I was no longer angry, but mad at myself for letting this happen. "C-can I be alone now? I want to calm down before I go back," she asked me, trying to get out of my grasp. But I wouldn't let go of her. "S-sehun?"
That was when I pulled her towards me, wrapping my arms around her.
"I am sorry Y/N. It is my fault that his happened. I texted her as soon as I found out that you and Baekhyun kissed," I said, holding her even tighter than before. "I never fully explained it to her and now you are the one that got hurt. I never meant for that to happen Y/N, I am sorry," I said and I could feel her tense up in my arms.
"W-why did you do that Sehun?" she asked. I suddenly pulled her away from me, keeping my hands on her shoulders. I looked her in the eyes. As I did, I noticed that she started to turn red. My heart started beating like crazy. I then noticed the area where she got hit from Ashley. I brought my hand up to her face, gently caressing the bruised area. I should have never let this happen to you. Why did I text her what happened? That was because...
"I did it because I was jealous. I was jealous that he kissed you before I did," I said, not wanting to look her in the eyes, after confessing the truth. She was looking right at me. I could feel my heart beat even faster knowing that she was not moving her gaze from my face. It was then I realized that our faces were extremely close, only inches away from one another. She then turned her head towards the ground. I looked at her and I could see that her ears were very noticeably red. Is she feeling what I am feeling right now? Does she...like me? I found myself leaning closer to her.
"Y/N?" I said, softly. She looked up at me, completely red in the face, surprised to find that my face was closer than before. I could feel something between us in this moment. Should I do it? You know what, screw it. That is when I grabbed her face with both of my hands and pressed her lips against mine. At first she was tense and then I could feel her relax as I was holding the kiss. This is what I have wanted. I wanted to be with you Y/N. You are the one I am looking for. I then moved my hands from her face and put them around her waist, bringing her closer to me. She didn't resist and she started to kiss me back. She slowly brought her arms around my neck, making my heart flutter at her touch. We stayed like this for what seemed like hours when she abruptly broke away from me. Surprised, I looked back down at her, to see that she was extremely embarrassed. Crap, should I have not done that?
"Y/N?" I asked. She did not look up at me again and continued to stare at the ground. I noticed that she was slowly rubbing her hands together, as if thinking about what she should say. She then quickly looked up at me determined. Startled, I backed up a bit.
"W-what?" I asked looking away, embarrassed at her sudden actions.
"Sehun?" She asked. I turned back towards her and saw that she was staring at me as if she was trying to read me. What happened to her embarrassment a few seconds ago?
"N-ne?" I answered, nervous for what she was about to ask me.
"Do you...like me?" she bluntly asked. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. What should I say? I mean I obviously like her. I just FREAKING KISSED HER. Do I have to say it? I looked at her and saw that she was waiting for my answer. Ok, just be a man, Sehun. Say it. SAY IT.
"I d-....I do l-....I do lik-" I sighed. Wow, way to man up. "I like you!" HOW HARD IS THAT TO SAY. "I do like you..." I whispered. She leaned in closer, causing my face to turn bright red.
"What did you say?" She asked, not removing her gaze.
"I like you..." I whispered again, moving my face to the side, extremely embarrassed.
"I LIKE YOU DAMNIT!" I said, louder than intended while turning my head back towards her. I noticed that she started to turn red again. I couldn't help but smile at her embarrassment. She is adorable even while embarrassed. "What about you?" I asked, unconsciously. Wow, way to be subtle, Sehun. She turned away at the question, biting her lip out of nervousness. What is she going to say?
Y/N's P.O.V
"What about you?" he asked, leaving me speechless. I turned away from him, thinking about what I should say. I mean, I don't dislike him. He kissed me and I kissed him back... But, this just messes up my feelings even more! He LIKES me... but so does D.O. And what about the feelings I might have for my bias. I started to bit my lip, pondering about what I should do. I turned back to see that he was waiting for my answer. I quickly turned away, embarrassed. Okay, calm down, let's just ask him if I can think about it...
"Can I... think about it?" I asked him, trying to avoid his gaze. I could hear him sigh. I looked up to see him looking down, smiling at me as what could be almost described as lovingly.
"Sure. It was kind of sudden so I understand that you would need some time," He responded. "But..." I saw this smile growing on his face. I started to become flustered.
"B-but what?" I asked, afraid to hear what he was going to say.
"In exchange, I want something." I looked at him, questioningly. "I don't have a way to contact you...So give me your phone." He asserted, holding his hand out. I looked at him with my mouth agape.
"Y-yah!" He said, turning red. "I w-won't ask for it twice." He brought his hand up to the back of his head rubbing it. I mean... it wouldn't hurt giving it to him, right? I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone and placed it into his hand. He took it and started to put his number into my phone. He finished and I looked down to see that he had named himself Oppa~. I couldn't help but laugh.
"W-what!" He asserted, embarrassed.
"Really? You put your name as Oppa~?" I said in between my laughs.
"What's wrong with that?" He answered, quietly.
"Is that what you want me to call you...Oppa?" I asked, getting closer to him to see that he was slowly moving his face away from my direction.
"N-ne," He responded.
"Okay, OPPA~" I responded, laughing. I looked back at him to see that his whole face was red. Wow, he must really like being called Oppa. I looked back down to see that we had been gone for 20 minutes. We should probably get back. "We should probably go back to the dinner," I said, starting to go back to the restaurant. He followed me, right by my side on the way back. After a few minutes, we reached the doors and we headed back upstairs. When we walked in, there were ooo's all around.
"W-what?" I asked.
"You guys were gone for a long time~" Chen said.
"What were you guys doing~~" Chanyeol asked, with a cheeky smirk on his face.
"N-nothing," I said. I headed to my seat and sat down, Sehun following me.
"Yeah...nothing..." Sehun agreed, while smiling towards me. Way to be subtle...
"Sure~" Kai responded. I started to get uncomfortable in this situation. Luckily, the food arrived right before another one of the members could say anything else. We all started eating our meals, laughing, and enjoying our time together. I tried my best to ignore Ashley as to show to her that I was not affected by what she said or did to me. Thankfully, she remained quiet the rest of the evening, unless she was being spoken to. After we finished our meal, we all said our goodbyes, tired for the night, and headed to our separate cars. Choon-Hee and Jess followed me back to our car and after the doors clicked, the questions began.
"Ok, what happened!"
"Tell us everything!"
"Did you do something dirty with Sehun?"
"Did you guys kiss?"
"Are you guys dating?!"
"Woah!" I responded, startled by their eagerness. "Too many questions! I will tell you guys don't worry... but first, I should be asking you guys how it was sitting next to your baes," I stated, giving them a pervy face.
"Well~, Chen had his hand on my lap for majority of the dinner..." Jess stated, placing her face in her palms, as if embarrassed after admitting it.
"Oooo, look at Jess getting some action!" Choon-Hee responded.
"Wow, I didn't expect Chen to be the handsy type! What did you do about it?" I asked.
"I just let him leave it there. I mean, I didn't mind it. Am I crazy? Is this going somewhere or am I imagining all of this?" Jess asked, pinching herself as if in disbelief.
"No, you aren't crazy!" Choon-Hee responded. "You just like a guy who happens to obviously like you back. If you don't go after him I will hurt you for not taking this chance!" She stated. Jess then responded with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her.
"Thanks guys~" She said. "Ok, what about you Choon-Hee?" She asked. "Anything happen between you and Xiumin?"
"Well...he didn't run away from me. That is a start," She said. Jess and I started laughing. "We also talked a bit and I find myself falling for him even more...Aigoo" She stated.
"Don't worry I think he will fall for you eventually. Who can resist your charms?" I responded, jokingly.
"I know, who can resist THIS," She said, flipping her hair. We all burst into laughter. I love these goofballs. I am so glad that they are getting along with the members as well. It makes it easier to talk to them when they are with me. After we stopped our laughing fit, they both turned to look at me.
"Ok enough about us..." Jess said.
"SPILL!" Choon-Hee finished. I looked at them, smiling.
"Ok you guys have to promise not to freak out, okay?" I told them. They both nodded their heads.
"Ok...so...Sehun kissed me," I said quietly. I turned to look at them and they were both in shock.
"HE DID WHAT? EXCUSE ME?" Choon-Hee said.
"Ok, I am just going to go die now. I have now officially seen and heard everything. Good-bye Chen,my love," Jess dramatically stated falling back in her seat.
"WAIT WHAT. I AM STILL IN SHOCK," Choon-Hee shouted. "Ju-Just how?!" She asked.
"Well, Ashley had done something to upset me after I left for the bathroom so I ran out of the restaurant. Little did I know that he followed me, and he eventually caught up to me. He comforted me and the next thing I knew was that he kissed me," I told them, embarrassed. "So then, in the spur of the moment, I asked him if he liked me, and he said he did...WHAT DO I DO!" I shouted, placing my head on the steering wheel at the red light we were currently sitting at. I was so confused on what to do. I looked back over at them for emotional support, when I realized that they were smirking.
"Sehun and Y/N sitting in a tree,"
"Y-YAH!" I yelled, still extremely embarrassed. "How old are you guys, five?" They both started giggling.
"Sorry I couldn't resist," Choon-Hee said. "But, how do you feel about him?" I sighed.
"I don't know. I was having enough trouble with D.O and my bias and now Sehun has thrown himself into the mix. I don't even know what to think anymore..." I stated, very conflicted.
"Well, I think you should go home and think about all of this. Really think about it. I mean, now you have two EXO members that like you and you don't know about your feelings for your bias, right?" Jess said and I nodded. "I would just go lay in bed and process everything. That is what I am doing tonight. Reflecting," She said.
"I will probably do just that Jess, Thank you," I said, giving them a smile.
"Ok enough about the boys! Let's just jam the rest of the way home and worry about them later!" Choon-Hee stated.
We then proceeded to party to turn-up songs the rest of the way home, forgetting our worries until I dropped them off at their houses. I then drove myself to my house, exhausted from today. As I pulled into the driveway, I just sat in the car seat and started to think about everything. How am I ever going to deal with all of this? Can I just run away from it all? Aigoo...
I looked to see a text from an unknown number. I looked and it said, "Hello Y/N, are you busy?".
Ok, who has my number now? Heavens...
"Who is this?" I responded. Ding.
"This is ***" I froze at the name. It's HIM. W-why does he have my number?
"Oh hey ***, I am not busy at the moment. What is up?" Ding. Wow he replies fast.
"I wanted to see you, is there somewhere we can meet?" Excuse me...EXCUSE ME. What? I mean I just saw him today and he wants to see me again? I think I am going to die of a heart attack.
"Sure, there is a park nearby called ******, can we meet there?" I responded. Ding.
"Absolutely! I will be there in about 20 minutes. See you then~" He replied. I fell back into my seat. Ok, well I guess reflection time can wait until later. I started the car back up, and headed to the park. It only took me 5 minutes to get to the park. I stepped out of the car and went and sat on a nearby bench. Why does he want to see me? I started to get nervous. I decided to play a game on my phone to calm myself down. As I was playing I got so into the game that I did not even hear when he approached me.
"Y/N?" He said. I looked up from my phone to see ***. I quickly got up from my seat and bowed.
"H-hi," I said. He laughed at me.
"No need to bow, silly. You can sit back down," He said. I slowly sat back down and he sat beside me. I put away my phone and then I realized that we were very close on the bench. My heart started to beat faster.
"So," I started. "Why did you want to see me?" I asked, searching for an answer. He turned to look at me smiling. My heartbeat started to quicken.
"I am sorry my lady, but I do not answer questions for free," He said. I suddenly thought back to the night of the shooting, realizing that I had told him something similar. I started to laugh.
"Oh really? Well then, what is your price kind sir?" I asked him.
"It will just cost you one penny, if you have one I reckon," He asked holding out his hand. I reached into my jacket, and pulled out the penny that I had kept since that night, always bringing it everywhere with me.
"Why, it just so happens that I have one," I said giving the penny to him in the high - pitched nasally voice used once before.
"Oh, so you did keep that penny like I told you too," he said, enclosing his fingers around the penny. "I thought you would have lost it or something, " he says laughing to himself, as he placed it into his pocket. I started to smile at his comment.
"I may be clumsy and forgetful but I don't lose important things," I said returning the smile. He then turned towards me, our faces very close together.
"Oh, so the penny I gave you is important to you?" He asked with a huge dorky smile on his face. I started to turn red.
"M-maybe..." I whispered, embarrased. I heard him laugh besides me. Not wanting to look at him, I decided to look up towards the sky, noticing that he did the same. Well this became awkward real quick. Did I give myself away? Man, I still like him. Even just sitting here next to him is enough to drive me crazy. We sat there just gazing at the stars when he started talking once again.
"Do you remember how I wanted to say something to you that night?" He asked, moving his head towards me while looking at me straight in the eyes, becoming more serious than before.
"Y-yes?" I answered.
"Do you want to know what I was going to say?" He asked giving me this look as if he was up to something. Oh heavens. Do I want to know? What if he says something like, I know you like me and I want you to leave me alone. I think that will devastate me. I just got close with all the other members. I don't think I could handle that right now. But for all I know, it could be something different. I sat there pondering for a minute. I have to know, I concluded.
I slowly nodded, wondering what could be so important that he asked to meet me tonight.
He suddenly leaned in closer. I started to feel the heat rise to my face as I noticed that he was going towards my ear, only inches away from it. I could feel his breath against my ear. I started to get chills up my spine, every time he breathed. And then, he said something I thought that I would never hear him say.
"'You are beautiful Y/N,' is what I was going to say to you. I knew from the first moment that I saw you that I wanted to know you better. And now that I have," he whispered, causing my face to heat up. He then got up from his seat and stood in front of me. I was too afraid to look up at him. My heart was beating like crazy. What is happening right now? I was staring off in the distance in shock and that was when he came into my view. He lowered himself down so that we were eye-level to one another and that he could see me. I then glanced over at him to see that he was staring intently at me. He suddenly put his face in his hands, as if suddenly embarrassed. I could hear him muttering to himself but I could not make out what he was saying. He then turned his attention back on me, looking more serious and intense than before. My heart betraying me, skipped a beat. He then said, the one thing that I have only dreamed of.
"And now that I have gotten to know you better...I have come to realize that...I like you..."
My heart started to race at his words and I could feel the feelings I had for him from long before resurfacing very quickly. There was only one person who could affect me this way.
The one and only, Suho.
Have I killed you yet? MWAHA...Do you feel the feels? Because I most definitely am feeling the feels...Dear heavens! Well there you go! Now that we know her bias, what will Y/N do next? And what will happen between her and the three members that have confessed to her?
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