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Beyonce did it first.

Although that's the truth, it's besides the fact. The temporary tattoo lines are back this summer and better than ever. This time around Selena Gomez is launching a line of tattoos that will take your summer body from zero to a hundred real quick. If you're not a fan of commitment -- at least not in ink form, these temporary tats need to be in your possession stat. Not only do they give you a cool look, but they're different and different is good.
Created specifically by the singer-songstress herself, she put a lot of thought and time into the line of tattoos because they actually happen to be the tattoos she has engraved into her skin. How cool is that? "Each and every one of them mean so much to me," says Gomez. The line makes up of 'music notes on her wrist, the quote "God Who Strengthens Me" on her right hip, Arabic writing on her back, and Roman numerals on the back of her neck'. It's about to be super lit this summer. No need to pay crazy money for something permanent when you can pay half the price for something temporary and fun.

Would you invest in this line of temp tats?

Do you have any tattoos?
Fun! I remember this trend from last year
I love temporary tattoos! I bought a bunch last summer that me and my friends were playing around with. I just hope they're not the cheap kind and can at least last a day or two without cracking.
I'd want to look at them (and the price) first, but I loved temp tattoos as a kid so I'm glad they're in style!
I feel like these will def be pretty durable and last a bit. and I also feel like they're be pretty pricey for some temporary tats lol @danidee
YES me too! last years were so trendy and fun @TessStevens
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