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Disclaimer: if you have a weak stomach, be weary.
Over the past few years, I've stumbled across a product called 'baby foot' [see here]. I never actually knew what it was or cared to know what it was until now. While the name kind of gives you a general idea, nothing measures up to the the pictures of women that are trending on social media of their feet transformations. This product was launched in the United States a little over four years ago. It's a Korean based beauty product that allows your feet to peel in order to create a new fresh layer reminiscent of a 'baby foot'.
The product is a gel like substance that you place in your foot into for one hour that contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). While it may sound a bit nasty, the truth of the matter is that the product works wonders. Summertime is swiftly approaching and it's a sin to have terrible looking feet during sandal season. If the bottom of your feet look like you're 105 years old when you're really only 25, it might be time for you to invest in some baby feet. Keep scrolling and check out the video below. If you aren't convinced now, you will be.

Would you give this foot peel a try?

How do you keep your feet in tip top shape?
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Trying my first foot peel today. Hopefully my feet come out as nice as yours :)
let me know if you do! @primodiva93
please give me the deets on how you liked it afterwards. excited for you! @gigiandviking
@jordanhamilton So I finished my peel. The product I used was WonderFoot. The peel took 3 days to start sloughing off and lasted 3 days. It came off more like sunburned skin than one big layer. There is still a bit of callus on my pads, but my feet are super soft and much better than they were (my heels are like new). For my next peel I ordered Tonymoly's Super Peel (which I've heard is the holy grail of foot peels). I can hardly wait for a month to go by to try it!
Ahhhh!! I'm so excited for you and glad that you did it. Now I need to get my hands on one of them so I can benefit from the results as well @gigiandviking