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So, first card in a while, and I wanted it to be something good. A clash between a cyborg and a master swordsman. I won't go into their backstories too much, and focus more on how they are now. First up is Raiden (a.k.a. Jack the Ripper). Raiden is a cyborg super soldier that has mastered the use of just about every firearm in existence, but now fights predominantly with a katana that can slice through pretty much anything. The sword was designed to start resonating and breaking apart objects on the molecular level upon contact, which allows the blade to cut through even the strongest metals. Raiden's skill with this sword surpasses most master swordsman in the world, to the point he can deflect oncoming bullets. He can also heighten his senses so that his perception of time around his opponents slows down a great deal. On top of all this, Riaden can enter a state of mind called his, "Ripper Mode," which disables his ability to feel pain and increases his already remarkable speed and power. The only downside of this mode, is that he almost completely forgoes defending himself and just starts slicing wildly at whatever he's fighting. A general downside of Raiden's is that he is mainly machine, and needs particular fuel and maintenance in order to function. After Raiden is Roronoa Zoro (a.k.a Pirate Hunter Zoro). Zoro is one of the best master swordsman in the world of, "One Piece," and uses a very unique three sword style of fighting. He intensely trains his mind and body everyday so that he can surpass every swordsman in the world and become the best. Because of this training, and skill with his swords, he can fight and move faster than an untrained eye can perceive. Zoro can also use an ability called, "Haki," to cover his blades in a black metallic coat. When he does this, his swords become so strong they can literally slice through mountains in one clean sweep. Zoro can also use Haki to boost his own physical abilities as well, allowing him to move even faster and become much stronger. What does everyone think? Who between these two outstanding warriors would come out on top, and why?
have you guys played The MGS Raien game? See Raiden vs Wolverine.
tough call, but I think that Zoro would take it, because of his ability to use haki to strengthen his defense and offense. Raiden gets more powerful at the cost of his focus, while Zoro gets more powerful and more focused on his single target. Zoro is a better duelist, Raiden would be better in a large scale battle.
zoro kicks ass
zoro got this in the bag
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