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It's time to share a little about me.... @aliendestina here's some info for you. So let's start off with a picture of me.
Hi my NAME is Sarah and I'm A NOONA to most idols I'm crushing on lol. Last October I got to dye my hair pink and have loved it since but now I'm trying to change it to mint green. (I added purple cause I thought just a solid color wasn't fun enough lol) I also wear glasses mainly but sometimes when I'm going out for a date or special occasion I wear my contacts. (I always wear contacts at concerts Cuz I don't want to lose my glasses in that kind of place lol I'd be blind the rest of the time..) Although I'm old enough to drink...I like to go for the juice boxes if they are there..I get told I'm a child alot of the time. I'm really Into BTS, Got7 and EXO. My bias of each group is....Bts: Jungkook Got7: JB and Exo: Chanyeol. I try to keep an opened mind on what everyone likes because even if I don't like a group....who says I won't like them later down the road right? I don't want to burn any bridges when I'm taking this fun adventure of Kpop. I'm a very easy person to get along with....well unless you pissed me off then you miiight want to run for the hills. I would say my personality although at first I am shy once you get to know me I can get crazy. I try to act cute because it makes me feel good about myself. I had a hard time with this in the past but now that I'm out of high school it's super easy. I can be loud and have to be told to be quiet sometimes. When I do drink I'm a fun drunk and like to have a good time. My hobbies are hanging with friends, watching tv shows and K dramas and MVS and writing. EDIT: I forgot to mention.....if I had to put myself in a category like our kpop idols do I would be the happy virus. Buuuut I will say when I had to think of someone I'm close to like personality it's hard... I have a piece of each bts member....sooooo I won't really try that lol. If anyone has any questions about me just comment and I'll answer them. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me.
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@heidichiesa ha I should have lol but I plan on doing it in June sooooo I gotta a think of a reason for it lol
@SarahVanDorn June 17 is national eat your veggies's a real thing ....I googled it because we all now the internet never lies lol
Yaay for noonas! I'm sure I'm one of the older ones here and I'm NOT disclosing my age. But enjoying kpop and all that comes along with it shouldn't have any age boundaries, right?!?! @SarahVanDorn in your first photo I immediately thought you looked a little like my sister-in-law, who I adore, and I enjoy your cards, so coolio. This is a nice card idea! I don't make cards, I just look, read, enjoy and occasionally comment, but I hope more ppl do them. It's fun to get to "know" fellow kpop vinglers!
@jiminakpop That's how I was at the beginning because I didn't understand what I needed to do and now I can't stop making cards lol
@heidichiesa I'm so going to try to get away with that lol