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In volume 48's One Piece author Q&A, a reader commented that they were a fan of the anime character song "Family," and asked if the Straw Hats were a family, who's who. Eiichiro Oda laid it out: Dad: Franky (goon), Mom: Robin, First Son: Zoro, Second Son: Sanji (punk), Daughter: Nami, Third Son: Usopp, Fourth Son: Luffy, Youngest: Chopper.   Well, in the latest set of One Piece: Burning Blood movie videos, here's mom and dad (plus Brook, who had pretty much just been introduced when volume 48 was released.)   One Piece: Burning Blood hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita in North America on May 31, followed by Europe on June 3. A PC version will also arrive in June.
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