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The first date can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions, but don't worry -- there's always an alternative. You have one of the best dates you've had in quite sometime, you get a kiss goodnight and then you don't hear back from the guy for another two days. You're lost and you figure the date was a total disaster, but it went so well? What's his deal? If you've ever found yourself in this particular kind of situation, you're not alone.
We've all had a date or two where we're left with a head full of questions and a face that screams 'I'm super confused'. Thanks to Cosmopolitan, they've helped us clueless beings decode a guys first date behavior which will in turn give us a bit of clarification as to why or why not we didn't get that second date. Keep scrolling to see all of your questions decoded below.

What he did: Picked you up instead of meeting you there.

What he means: 'Honestly, this is an adorable AF move because it's old-fashioned and romantic … unless he's just into the environment and wanted to reduce your collective carbon footprint, which is also cute. Any way you slice it, this is cuuuuute.'

What he did: Didn't look at his phone at all.

What he means: 'While there's a tiny chance he has no friend or his phone fell into the ocean, it's way more likely that he's having such an awesome time with you that he temporarily forgot he even had a phone. Great sign.'

What he did: Asked you a ton of questions and didn't reveal much about himself.

What he means: 'He could be hiding something sinister, but my money's on the fact that he's super-interested in getting to know about you and your life. And if you're still worried about finding out more about him, duh, that's what second dates are for.'

What he did: Orders for you.

What he means: 'If he knew what you wanted, this is usually just a cute way of him trying to take care of you. Ordering for you both instead of doing the "who should order first" dance is actually a pretty baller move for either gender, so that might be the case. If he didn't know what you wanted, there's, like, a 5 percent chance he really wanted you to try this one amazing thing on the menu he thinks you'll love, and a 95 percent chance he's a controlling turd who doesn't care what you want. Time will tell.'

What he did: Picked up the check.

What he means: 'This is so often debated, but based on the guy friends I've spoken to about this, it just means he's into you and wanted to pick up the check, because we're socialized that that is what happens on a good date. You can let your mind nap now.'

What he did: Hugged you goodnight instead of kissed you.

What he means: 'This one is tough because it so often means that he didn't feel a strong romantic connection (and let's face it, you probably didn't either), but occasionally it just means he's too shy to kiss you. Either way, the romantic vibe isn't strong enough to push past everything to get you to Kiss City, but it's a first date. If there's a second one, you'll get that info then.'

Fellas, do you find this to be accurate?

Ladies, are you able to decode a man's behavior on a date?
@Arellano1052 Sometimes the best people to spend your life with us indeed your best friend. Am I saying to necessarily jump at the notion of this, not really since I don't have a clue of the relationship between you two and what scenarios both of you have been through. Nonetheless, the thought of the idea should not be dismissed. And what you said early on the matter of gender roles and gender equality, all I can say on that subject is to be aware of how the other person feels and to do what you feel is right in that time and place.
I agree with the phone thing and the picking up the check everything else I think varies too much from guy to guy
Haha, you're very welcome! And once 21 comes you won't be a kid anymore lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— @Arellano1052
@jordanhamilton πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜… Yeah, I'm a kid 😢 I'll be 21 in September ^.^ Thank you for the kind words πŸ’Ÿ
@Arellano1052 you're only 20? you seem super wise for your age!!! :)
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