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I saw this comic on the Huffington Post. This comic was created by cartoonist Kat Fajardo’s and it's called "Superstitions." If you're Latino or Hispanic, you understand all of the superstitions we are told over and over again. Here are some you've probably heard about.
Ughhh the falling teeth one. I never had a dream like that....thank G. Also the hand itchy one I KNOW THAT WELL! (unfortunately money doesn't follow lol)
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I am Asian but we had same myth that believe of falling teeth dreams meaning (your close friends or siblings will get sick or die) and itchy palm sign that you will receive money too.
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Very interesting that superstitions can be similar across many cultures! @atmi
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@alywoah I've had the fallen teeth dream. Very scary.
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Omg, the new home blessing. My parents were really big on that too. I think that's a really old school Catholic thing.
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