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Ahh! Well, Salma Hayek beat you to it. She's starring as a lesbian taco in an upcoming movie called "The Sausage Party."
Tacos, sausage. Oh you know....(trying to keep this PG...jk no I'm not). Okay, if your head was in the gutter like mine, you're on the right track about this movie. It's an adult animated film with talking food. So you might want to rethink the idea of taking your little ones to watch it.

The movie will be out on August 11th.

And here's the trailer.....................
Okay, I'm sooo down to watch this.
a gay taco obviously @shannonl5
Oh man, this comment thread wasn't surprising at all.
if you noticed.. we really peppered the thread with jokes
We eventually pasta point of no return
Ohhh deeeaaarrr.... *reading the comments*
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