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Hey there! This challenge was made by @hikaymm and I'm excited cuz I love anime music especially the op/eds so here we go!
OP: 撹乱Hey Kids! - The Oral Cigarettes Anime: Noragami Aragoto I just put the music video in there lol enjoy it!
ED: Wired Life - Kuroki Meisa Anime: Blue Exorcist The song is faster than it should be in this video but whatever it's still a good song XD
[Tags: @hikaymm @Invinsybll @SimonSanders @SAMURXAI ] ^Not to do the challenge but just cuz I like you guys lmao
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I love that noragami op!
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yep I second that both those jams are legit! I'm so gonna do the challenge anyways lol thanks @kawaiiporpoise I like you too!
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