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Warning This chapter is 19+ if you don't like mature content DO NOT READ IT..

Mark's wakes up to the feeling  of Jackson  kissing his lips and going down kissing his neck and chin, bites it a little  bit, he traces his tongue  on Mark's dimples and suck on them a little.. .Marks moan softly and holds Jackson's hair, he sits up a little to kiss Jackson. Jackson  grabs hold of his shoulders and pushes Mark back to bed. Jackson gets on top and Continues kissing and tracing Mark's abs with his tongue.. Marks moans softly to the feeling of Jackson  doing all this to him and he is getting harder and harder. Jackson  is also getting harder  just to listen Mark's  moan. He can feel it going right to his dick.... Jackson is getting short of breath.

" Shit Mark you are making me hard..I want to fuck you now"

" hush...don't say anything..let me  please." whispering  in his ears . Looking  at Mark's eyes. . Both have their hands allover eachother. . They are both panting with emotions and feelings.. can't take off their mouth from eachother.
" I am ready Jackson... come on fuck me now fuck me!!" Mark shouts and moans at the same time..
"Oh God!" Jackson pulls Mark's by his hips bringing  him closer to him and pulls his boxers  off throwing them on the floor.

"Do you have lub?"

"No sorry I don't. ... condoms."

Marks pull one out of nowhere..

"Gees.. you had them ready already?"

" haha.... sort of"
Jackson  gives him a smile with a smirk  tell him. "bad boy".. Jackson  brakes the Package with his teeth with one hand  holding the package and the other holding Mark's leg placing it on his shoulder. Marks helps him put on the condom and Jackson  softly start pushing into Mark. .softly pushing and his movements starts getting  faster and faster  Mark's  body is trembling  with pleasure as Jackson fucks him and touches his dick and kiss his lips bites them and suck on them. Mark's  dick is getting  hard and he starts to cum, he starts screaming with pleasure  moaning with pleasure and grabbing  Jackson  hips and scratches his back.. Jackson  is also close to his climax he is moaning louder and louder ..Marks tights  are shacking..of all the sensation  flowing through  his body.. as Jackson  grabs  hold of Mark's neck and place  his face in there panting unable to speak clearly. 

"ooh Mark..oh .. baby. You.. you made... me feel so... good...breading hard".. Mark is also short of  breath and holding Jackson's tight. He can feel his heart beats..

"Jackson. . I loved it.. every part of it... all of it"

Jackson smiles. "I loved it too" fixing  Mark's hair that is covering his face all a mess.. They both cuddle in bed unable to separate from eachother falling to sleep again on eachothers arm..