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Impossible Quest: Lose Fat, Not Muscle


Who isn't trying to lose weight? More specifically, if you're a bodybuilder, who isn't after that impossible waist to chest and shoulder ratio?!
I recently discovered that my body fat is at 12.5%. According to my height and age, I am considered "lean." But every time I look in the mirror, all I see is a fat man. UGH! I'm just going to guess that I am closer to 22.5% than my original score.
Since my aim is to hit 9% (single-digit) body fat, I have hired a meal and prep coach to get things started. I know, I know, I was supposed to start in April, well, that didn't happen. May is just days away--help me stick to it people!
To help everyone on their impossible quest to lose fat and not muscle, here are 4 tips that I learned on Sean Nalewanyj's website.
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ugh.... @buddyesd
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar yea laredo is likev10 years behind everywhere
2 years ago·Reply
eeeeek. maybe start your own wellness clinic. you can open your own and put Laredo on the map
2 years ago·Reply
might be a market for that here
2 years ago·Reply
Great tips! Especially sticking with your basic weight lifting principles
2 years ago·Reply