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Okay, so I recently did a card for a fan fic that @aliendestina is doing, and I didn't post a picture of myself because I just don't like to post pics of myself on any social media. I am extremely self-conscious, and honestly who really wants to see pics of me - I'm not that interesting... Then @kpopandkimchi mentioned wanting to get her hair colored. After mentioning mine that I just dyed yesterday from a plum color to black and pink she suggested posting pics. So here I am again trying to avoid posting pics of myself yet again, when finally I just thought, "f*** it". I'm tired of hiding. So here it is, my first self posted pic on social media:
My hair looks red, but it is actually a hot pink with some lighter shades mixed in. I love how it turned out β™‘ :) And.... now I'm going to hide under a rock...
So embarrassing... (●^_^●)
@aliendestina lol, thank you. 😳
@resavalencia 😘
awww, you're really sweet 😊
@resavalencia don't thank me for telling the truth
thank you! Tag me when you do your post - those of us who hide in the shadows can support each other as we get the courage to step out and into the light! lol 😊
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