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This morning my mother shared a video on facebook that looked like some kind of strike from Arizona in 1984. I didn't understand why, until I clicked on the thing.
As we all know, my Grumpy Dad is an old school journalist and has covered every event from the Los Angeles Riots to the OJ Simpson Trial. I think this clip is from when my parents lived in Arizona, where they met. Shortly after, my dad got a job in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles in the 1980s and early 90's was the number one market for TV news.
While my Grumpy dad lived there he earned top honors like Reporter of the Year and even an armful of Emmy awards, some of which perished in the Northridge earthquake when I was a baby.
I was shocked when I saw how different my dad sounds, and looks on this video tape. I remember seeing him on TV when I was a little girl, but he was way more assured and had more fun it seemed. I guess with experience comes wisdom.
My mother was directing the news programs at this time, I think, and the two of them were always professionals. My mother is one of the strongest, smartest and most incredible people I know. Without her, who knows!
Not to say Dad's not compelling, you don't get a job in the number one market without some serious skill.
Anyway, I've always been proud of my dad, and this Throwback proves why. Share your favorite throwback stories, and make sure to tag me in them! I'd love to see what you guys have been up to, or what your parents were up to. It's amazing isn't it, now, nearly 30 years later I too am in the journalism business. Man, things are strange.
Call your parents when you can, they really are amazing.
I'll see what I can find haha
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