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So the new concept pics for Young forev r has been released and I'm official dead. BURY ME IN MY FANGIRL NOONA GRAVE NOW! MY BOYS.. MY BOYS!!
My beautiful jhope.. He's so adorable..
Oh my to the three living gods.. BLONDE JIN!! I'm telling you I screamed.. He's even more hot blonde.. (BTS wrecker)
Suga Suga
Rap monster (my bias) Lawd Jesus Namjoonie
Group shots
I just can't with Them First MV released 2 weeks early.. Now this.. They keep slaying me.. Oh and the rest of ARMY
Omg!!! I just saw this on twitter!!!!! I had a fangirl meltdown.....tears and all!!! my love is blonde!!! and still as gorgeous as ever!!!!
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Oh i can't handle handsome Jin being blonde I literally screamed! @heidichiesa
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I started mom asked me what's wrong and I pointed to the picture... she just shook her head
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i cant!!! jin looks so good with blonde hair! i didnt think i would ever see the day he would be blonde but it happened! i wish his hair was a bit darker blonde but it still looks sooo good on him
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