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You've Been Dared!

It's time for another dare!

In the spirit of fairness I'll share mine first:

Angela Queen of Hel

These comics are amazing. As much as I love Thor, personally I think Angela is way more interesting (though that might be the writing). She's similarly powerful, but the stories have a better balance of the epic and the personal (imo), and I'm always really invested in them. The art is spectacular too.

You've been dared!

+If you were tagged in this card it means you've been dared.
+Repost with a comic you really love.
+Tag 5 more people
+Begin world domination
I remember my favorite comic is and always will be... the old Gotham stories @jordanhamilton @buddyesd @marshalledgar @yourconscience @shannonl5
or excuse me I was would be Batman Gotham Adventures
@jordanhamilton Got Ham?? lol
Gotham is so so so amazing!!!
@shannonl5 I'm going to take this dare as soon as I get back in town
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