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Prince has died. TMZ reports that the person who died at Paisley Park, Prince’s Minnesota studio and estate, was Prince himself. He was 57.
Prince, was one most dynamic musicians in the past century. As a singer, a producer, a songwriter, a guitarist, a dancer, or a stage presence, he had few peers.
Throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's Prince dominated the charts releasing classic after classic. He changed people’s ideas about fashion, about gender roles and racial divisions.
This is truly a sad day for music fans across the globe.
RIP Prince.
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@shannonl5 this really came out of nowhere, no mentions before of being in poor health.. Very sad
@samurxai very sad day for music fans across the globe
@gossamokewen95 couldn't have said it better
Thinking about crafting a card of my favorite Prince songs ever in honor of the Legend
He was such a influence, role model, and humanitarian. He will be missed dearly, and I would love if u did make card :D