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Let's give it a twist...

Instead of being at peak ability, let's imagine Vegeta and Thanos are both fighting when they're at their worst. I'm talking hungover, just fought the hardest battle of their lives, and sick with the flu. Maybe missing a leg or two. Neither character is feeling too hot.

Who do you think would win?

Thanos I'm sorry but Thanos is way to powerful even when he's at he's weakess he can still fight!! that punk is Insane LOL
Thanos! Even Vegeta at his most would still have trouble with Thanos at his worst.
Doesn't matter how thanos is, he will win. Dbz fans (that don't pay attention to super hero stuff) have no clue about the depths of his powers. Most people forget thanos is not only super strong and powerful, but he can absorb beams shot at him, he's a genius with super level intellect and mind manipulation, and he conquers galaxies and destroys planets (with just his fists) casually.
Vegeta at his worst is not that powerful, Thanos at is worst is still very powerful so Thanos would win
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