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Let's give it a twist...

Instead of being at peak ability, let's imagine Vegeta and Thanos are both fighting when they're at their worst. I'm talking hungover, just fought the hardest battle of their lives, and sick with the flu. Maybe missing a leg or two. Neither character is feeling too hot.

Who do you think would win?

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dude with the gauntlets think it take that uses Powers away or make him forget who he was turning into a cat
As a Saiyan, Vageta will become significantly stronger after he's at his worst, and he held his own when Kid Buu beat the crap out of him. I have no idea of Thanos' real strength tho. Although I really don't see how Marvel heroes ever beat their vilians. Villians are super tough eating planets n junk, then you have Captain America throwing a shield, Iron Man with a damn missle, and Thor with his hammer n Lightning. n how srrong is Hulk even supposed to be? i don't read comics or know much about Marvel, so how?
Also, why not Marvel vs DC? Darkseid vs Thanos? (no gauntlet or anti-life equation, just them) Superman vs Hulk?