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Marry Boink Kill: Too Difficult Edition!

If you're into blondes, you are not in luck.

You know the deal by now. Your choices today are Emma Frost, Lucy Heartfilia, and Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary). You have to decide who you would marry, boink, and kill? Think you're up to the challenge?
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I would marry Luck, then run a train on emma frost, then kill black canary
a year ago·Reply
Marry Black Canary, Boink Emma and Kill Lucy
a year ago·Reply
Boink Emma, Marry Lucy, Kill Black Canary
a year ago·Reply
Marry Lucy, Boink Emma, and Kill Black Canary
a year ago·Reply
I'm a female but i love this game, marry Lucy, boink canary esp. if she's like justice League anime, and kill Emma ( no cyclops sloppy seconds )
5 months ago·Reply