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So... I don't normally post pics of myself by myself but this was an opportunity to show off my hair which I'm very proud of. Most of these pics are a couple of months old, the last 2 are the most recent. Also, I figured if I'm going to post pics I might as well go all out & share the whole process lol. *Meme is strictly for humors sake, I swear I'm not that confident lol.*
First pic after bleaching my hair
The blue started to take over everything lol
First pic after rinsing & blow-drying
I really really love the purple streaks!
Close up of curls
Better pic of curls
This is my hair now :-) Definitely some fading so I will be doing a touch up in the near future, but all in all I'm still very happy with it :-)
*dances out with a little help from BTS & a little Brian Joo sass!*
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I looooove it!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
@EliseB AYYE
I remember when you did it! 😊❀️
@twistedPuppy If I ever find my way to your neck of the woods I'll definitely look you up. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
come do my hair lol
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